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Coming Soon – Assetly Looking to Create Liquidity for Illiquid Assets

Coming soon to the Shadow Foundr platform is an opportunity that management believes has the potential to disrupt financial services, by creating liquidity for all asset classes. Assetly is a digital asset exchange based on blockchain that allows ...

Five things to look for before investing into a start-up

Five things to look for before investing into a start-up. The world of start-ups sounds very exciting, and it can be if you back a winner. But the reality is many start-ups don't get further than first base. And with a host of opportunities being presented to us daily via various investment platforms, how does one find the time to understand the deals in order to make a sounds investment decision. Here are five keys things you should look for before investing into any start-up.

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Campaign for Genesis closes this Weekend

The campaign for Genesis Technical Systems enters its final 48 hours on the Shadow Foundr platform and will close at midnight on Sunday 30th September. With demand for broadband predicted to double ...

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