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Shadow Foundr Double Presentation Event

We have something rather special happening on the evening of Tuesday, October 3rd, when two founders will be pitching their opportunities in London.

Investing Through Your SSAS

If you are a business owner or high net worth individual, you might already have a SSAS pension. Some of our members are already investing into our investment opportunities via their SSAS, enjoying the benefits this type of pension offers.

Access to Finance Investment Surgery

Are you looking for finance, to speak with us, or an expert in grant funding and an expert in accounting & tax credits.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who doesn't know where to start, to pick the brains of people experienced in the space.

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£250m Midlands Engine Investment Fund Launches

The British Business Bank has announced the first wave of its £250million Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF), with the launch of £120million of SME debt finance, which is now available to businesses across the 10 Local Enterprise Partnership areas in the Midlands.

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CityZenith adds Advanced Search Capabilities to App

Since launching just a few months ago, the Smart World™ big data platform has already made its way into major Smart City and Smart Campus projects from Australia to Panama to Florida. This autumn watch out for an announcement on its' involvement in one of the largest Smart City projects in the world.

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Cityzenith – A summary

Described as “SimCity for real cities” as well as “Minecraft for architects”, Cityzenith has developed a platform which allows users to incorporate all aspects of digital architecture in one place. Prior to Cityzenith’s creation of its award-winning Smart World software platform, architects struggled trying to use multiple pieces of software, which were often incompatible with each other, or difficult to use.

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DRENL – Business Summary

In a world where the environment is constantly being compromised, waste-to-energy development company DRENL are trying to make a positive impact. DRENL take waste that would otherwise end up in landfill, and using state of the art technology, they convert waste into energy. The process of converting the waste into energy is as follows:

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LIfT Biosciences – Summary

LIfT Biosciences’ aim is clear: to develop a cure for pancreatic cancer by 2021. As a socially-minded Biotech start-up, they have been developing the world’s first cell bank of cancer killing granulocytes (a type of white blood cell). The Cell Bank will provide a range of potentially life-saving immune-oncology cell therapies for different solid tumour types.

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