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Chayora Announces Strategic Partnership with Beijing Sinnet Technology

Chayora has entered into a strategic partnership with Beijing Sinnet Technology to deliver bespoke network solutions and cloud services solutions for Chayora customers. In addition, Sinnet also plans to use the Chayora 300 MW hyperscale campus as a location for its retail colocation expansion in Beichen, northern Tianjin supporting the wider Beijing region.

Assetly Attracts Cornerstone Investors

There have been some big movements for Assetly this week, with two cornerstone investors committing AUD$500k to the round. This has really set the raise off and comes on the back of Assetly executing ...

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Five Things Investors Look For

The world of start-ups sounds very exciting, and it can be if you back a winner; but the reality is most start-ups fail. With a plethora of opportunities being presented to us daily via various crowdfunding platforms, how does one find the time to understand the deals in order to make a sounds investment decision. Here are five keys things you should look for before investing into any start-up:

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Are You Investor Ready?

So, you’re thinking about putting your business in front of investors to encourage a cash injection. It looks great… on the surface. New concept, obvious market, scalable… but apart from the brief, what do your investors really know about your business idea? What questions will investors ask and need answered before they are truly confident of hitting the “invest” button? These...

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Respecting Investors & Post-Investment Communications

It is very important that entrepreneurs have in place a strong communications plan for their investors. The more engaged investors are in a venture, the stronger and more beneficial the relationship can become. Of course, every business and each investor is different. It is therefore imperative that your...

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