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About Shadow Foundr.

We are Shadow Foundr.

Shadow Foundr is an FCA-regulated investment platform that gives investors the opportunity to inject funds into exceptional, high growth companies, and share in their success. Shadow Foundr has offices in London, Brighton and Loughborough and has become one of the UK’s leading equity investment platforms. Since our launch we have already raised over £20m for early-stage businesses.

How Shadow Foundr works.

We find disruptive scalable opportunities, we undertake extensive due diligence, we pre-fund the opportunity to 30% through our professional investor network, we then allow everyone the chance to follow the experienced investors and invest.

Shadow Foundr in the media.

What’s happening.

Shadow Foundr on the road

Shadow Foundr has spent the last few days attending some exciting events up and down the country. This week has been London Tech Week and there have been some intriguing shows and exhibitions taking place in and around the capital.

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Raise capital through your own network

Shadow Foundr has just launched some exciting new functionality to our platform called the ‘Followers Investment Suite’. Every business owner understands the need for growth capital in order to take their business to the next level. But what if you could raise this in a compliant manner, and through your own network?

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