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About Shadow Foundr.

We are Shadow Foundr.

Shadow Foundr offers a fast and simple investment model for companies seeking to raise funds. With our FCA-compliant, automated platform, the support of our dedicated, world-class team and access to our global investor network, we are perfectly placed to help you raise funds, whatever stage your business is at. Shadow Foundr has become one of the UK’s leading equity investment platforms and through our private investor network and successful collaborations, we have helped raise huge sums for many early-stage, high growth businesses.

How Shadow Foundr works.

We find disruptive scalable opportunities, we undertake extensive due diligence, we offer the opportunity out to our professional investor network, we then allow everyone the chance to follow the experienced investors and invest.

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Five Things Investors Look For

The world of start-ups sounds very exciting, and it can be if you back a winner; but the reality is most start-ups fail. With a plethora of opportunities being presented to us daily via various crowdfunding platforms, how does one find the time to understand the deals in order to make a sounds investment decision. Here are five keys things you should look for before investing into any start-up:

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Are You Investor Ready?

So, you’re thinking about putting your business in front of investors to encourage a cash injection. It looks great… on the surface. New concept, obvious market, scalable… but apart from the brief, what do your investors really know about your business idea? What questions will investors ask and need answered before they are truly confident of hitting the “invest” button? These...

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