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Chayora Breaks Ground on First of Two Hyperscale Data Centre Campuses in China

Hong Kong, 16 January 2018 — Chayora Limited, a Hong Kong-based data centre infrastructure company, announces today it has finalised agreements with the government of Beichen, Tianjin, to begin construction of the company’s first hyperscale data centre campus in China. The 300MW, 32-hectare / 80-acre campus will serve the greater Beijing region that is home to more than 150 million people in the JingJinJi mega-metropolitan area of northern China.

Airbeem Appoint New Chairman of the Board

Airbeem is proud to announce the appointment of Thorsten Sauer as Chairman of the Board. Prior to accepting this position, Thorsten worked for 16 years at Ericsson, the global telecommunication and media technology service business.

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Kings College Expert Discusses LIfT BioSciences Breakthrough

LIfT BioSciences’ patent-pending platform has been proven in the laboratory with mice, and in multiple in-vitro tests by different investigators. And now they are hoping to make their model central to the fight against cancer in the coming years. The team believes they are onto something quite special; however, they require funds to move things forward.

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Airbeem Signs £410k Deal

Airbeem is pleased to confirm an exciting new partnership with DMA Media. DMA is a media engagement business whose core operation is setting up and running terrestrial, satellite and cable TV channels for broadcasters.

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