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If you have seen any news recently, it does seem the new wave of AI is taking the world by storm. The reports often swing between the next best thing to the end of the world, but these stories are trying to guess the future path of this technology. Meanwhile companies appear to be trying to put AI into anything they can, in some cases, seemingly regardless of the benefits. That said, there are AI tools out there now that are of benefit to people that are possibly overlooked due to the sheer volume of articles on this new technology. So, here are a few that are available now that may be of use to you.

Creating content helps you get your copywriting in order. Pick a copywriting task from a menu, anything from brand voice creator to product description or LinkedIn ad copy. Then fill in the inputs, and click to generate content.


If you are leaning toward content marketing, Jasper is aimed as an all-in-one content generation platform, helping with a range of formats from blog posts to reports, emails, or stories, along with templates acting as frameworks to turn your inputs into an output that you can edit and prepare for publishing. You can have it help explain complex topics, write summaries, and even produce illustrations to pair with the text you’re generating.


Surfer leverages the power of AI to help you grow and maintain the content on your website. It can detect internal link opportunities and missing keywords, and can even deliver content ideas weekly, generating outlines you can start writing from.

Text correction


A mainstream spelling and structure checking app that takes your text, feeds it through its AI algorithm, and helps you align your grammar. It also detects your tone, telling you if you’re being formal, confident, or friendly. The paid version goes further providing entire rewriting suggestions, helping make your text clear, crisp, and easy to engage with.


Aiming to go further than Grammarly. Paste your text into the web app and you’ll see a list of corrections and suggestions on one side of the screen. Across the top of the page, you can access these AI controls, such as Rewrite, which will do just that for any parts of the text you highlight, providing a list of suggested variations; Casual or formal, two buttons that adjust the tone; Shorten and expand. Another set of buttons controls length, either summarizing or generating extra text.

Slide Presentation


Enabling you to quickly create entire bulleted slides with royalty free images from just a short piece of text. Through a simple looking control panel, you can choose the number of slides along with the number of bullets per page along with AI assisted options including the format, styling and tone of the presentation. SlideGenie also provides a way to create slides on any topic and a template for generating a Pitch Deck. The design of the output is fully editable making this is a great tool for time saving, brainstorming and as a starting point for any project.

Simplifying the process of putting together a beautiful slide deck with all the layouts and styles figured out. You can choose colours, find royalty-free images in the library and start building your presentation. With AI features throughout the process, you can have an AI rewrite by highlighting text and choosing the option. If you have data that changes frequently, you can update it by using sliders and tables. The values will then change dynamically on the presentation. DesignerBot option allows you form simple input to generate a presentation for you.

(Source: Zapier)

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