AI tools to try for free

AI-powered technology has certainly gained popularity, especially over the last few months. It is changing the way we access the internet and interact with computers, making it possible to achieve tasks faster and with more efficiency than ever before.

If you have not had a chance a try out these new AI powered tools, or are just looking for new tools to use, then here are a few that may be of interest, and as they offer demo’s or limited free access, you don’t have to pay a penny to find what they are like.


ChatGPT is an ai chatbot application released by OpenAI near the end of last year. ChatGPT works by opening a question-and-answer style human dialogue between you and the bot. Allowing you to ask it pretty much anything your heart desires.

This AI even has the ability to solve coding problems, write well-constructed essays and if you’re feeling it, even discuss philosophical issues around AI itself.

Currently they still offer a free version, but that is unlikely to last forever.

Notion AI

Notion AI can be used to assist in writing, brainstorming, editing, summarizing content and more. It is a prompt based generator, meaning as well as creating content from text, you can also use textual prompts to control the style, formatting and type of text it creates as well as more complex outputs. For those a little more technically minded, these is great tool for helping with productivity.

A limited free version is available for users to try out the feature of this tool.


SlideGenie enables you to quickly create entire bulleted slides with royalty free images from just a short piece of text. Through a simple looking control panel, you can choose the number of slides along with the number of bullets per page along with AI assisted options including the format, styling and tone of the presentation.

It also provides a way to create slides on any topic and a template for generating a Pitch Deck. The design of the output is fully editable making this is a great tool for time saving, brainstorming and as a starting point for any project.

A limited free demo is available so users can give it a try. helps you get your copywriting in order. It uses AI to generate marketing copy and content for businesses. For example, it can help users write product descriptions, social media posts, blog articles, and more. The tool is designed to save users time in the writing process. Pick a copywriting task from a menu, anything from brand voice creator to product description or LinkedIn ad copy. Then fill in the inputs and click to generate content.

It offers a fully featured free use accounts with the only restriction being a 2,000 word monthly limit.


DALL-E 2, the successor to DALL-E from OpenAI creates images from text prompt. It was trained using a vast dataset of text-images pairs, where the text described the content of the image.

Compared to the previous version, DALL-E 2 can produce better images at a higher quality.

Though regular use will requirement payment, you can try it for free. Newly registered users start with 50 free credits to turn text into images and 15 free credits every month from then on.

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