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Most Exits Occurring Through Trade Sales

While every entrepreneur should be focused on the exit strategy and the company’s eventual exit, for most early-stage companies, more often than not, an exit will come from closer to home ...

5 of The Most Bizarre Crowdfunding Campaigns

Given that crowdfunding is promoted primarily on the internet, it’s no surprise that there have been some interesting and downright bizarre ideas that people have tried to get crowdfunded. While it can be an excellent means of funding your business idea, there are people who have taken the most obscure ideas and tried to get the crowd to fund them. Here are our favourites.

The Effect of Grant Funding in the UK

Grant funding is different to equity funding on one, key basis: grant funding involves giving non-repayable money to businesses, whereas equity funding is giving money to businesses in exchange for shares in the business.

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Why Investors Love Software as a Service (SaaS)

The world of technology loves an acronym. SaaS is no exception: it stands for ‘Software as a Service’, and refers to a new way of accessing software, as opposed to traditional methods. Prior to recent technological advancements, anyone wanting to use software had to...

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Insight: How EdTech is Shaping the Future of Education

When you picture your experience of learning, what do you imagine? A dingy classroom, thirty students all facing the front, hours of lectures? For many people, their experience of learning is exactly that: monotonous, dreary, dull. However, this is all changing. Welcome to the classroom of the future ...

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