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Investment Value Proposition

Definition: Investment Value proposition refers to a set of business statements that a company uses to summarise why an investor should take part in the investment offering – which can be in the form of an elevator pitch. These statements convince a potential investor that their investment product will provide greater value than other similar offerings. The statement would...

Shadow Foundr on the Road

The Shadow Foundr team has been busy on the road in early September, attending high-profile events across the UK for both investors and entrepreneurs. Last weekend we ...

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Introducing the Followers Investment Platform

Shadow Foundr is disrupting the funding space by offering a different route to capital; our new service is an alternative to the traditional and often time consuming way of raising funds through banks and lending companies.

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Is your company investment ready?

Here at Shadow Foundr we get literally hundreds of start-ups, scale-ups, even established businesses, registering for funding through our platform. Most are exciting companies that need to raise growth capital with a view to disrupt the sector they are in.

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Raise capital through your own network

Shadow Foundr has just launched some exciting new functionality to our platform called the ‘Followers Investment Suite’. Every business owner understands the need for growth capital in order to take their business to the next level. But what if you could raise this in a compliant manner, and through your own network?

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