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Bright future for Tech Start-up Synapse

Synapse, the fast-growing Birmingham technology start-up that re-engineers spreadsheets to meet the stringent demands placed on financial reporting, announces today that it is in the process of completing a highly successful fundraising round in excess of £1.2 million.

Ed Tech Upstart Shaw Academy Performing Well

With a focus on the fast-growing Education Technology (EdTech) sector, we thought you might be interested to learn that relative newcomer, Shaw Academy (in its sixth year), is currently outperforming 20-year old (bought by LinkedIn in 2015 for $1.5 billion), at the equivalent stage in their development.

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Shadow Foundr Funds Assisting in Cancer Cell Research

Last year, socially-minded Biotech LIfT BioSciences caught the headlines with the news that it had made an astonishing breakthrough in its research into finding a cure for cancer. The researchers discovered that cancer cells from a well-known human cancer cell-line (HeLa cells), could be killed by ...

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Funding Target Reached for LIfT BioSciences

Shadow Foundr celebrating as LifT BioSciences hits funding target to develop breakthrough cancer treatment. Alex Blyth, who lost his mother to pancreatic cancer, has successfully raised more than £250,000 to develop a pioneering cancer treatment that shares people’s innate immunity to cancer to help potentially cure cancer patients.

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5 Reasons to Invest in an InsurTech Start-up

Investing in a start-up can feel like an investment in the future. This is especially true if the start-up is an InsurTech, with the combination of insurance and technology promising innovation and fancy new technologies at the same time.

Shadow Foundr, with good reason, tells its investors that they need to understand a business before making investment decisions. This article’s intention is to help you do the same when considering an investment in InsurTech.

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How You Can Benefit from Shadow Foundr’s New Nominee Share Structure

As an investor, you will understand the difficulties sometimes, associated with contacting the start-up or early stage company you’re investing money into. For the investor, there can be miscommunication, it can be hard to maintain voting rights, and there are often no investor protections. Things are equally inconvenient for the business, which must ...

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