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Airbeem Appoint New Chairman of the Board

Airbeem is proud to announce the appointment of Thorsten Sauer as Chairman of the Board. Prior to accepting this position, Thorsten worked for 16 years at Ericsson, the global telecommunication and media technology service business.

Airbeem Signs £410k Deal

Airbeem is pleased to confirm an exciting new partnership with DMA Media. DMA is a media engagement business whose core operation is setting up and running terrestrial, satellite and cable TV channels for broadcasters.

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Insight: The Waste Management Space in the UK – Need Turning to Profit

How does the UK manage its waste?

It’s no secret that the world is full of rubbish. With the population soaring at an alarming rate, so too is the amount of waste that litters the streets. Failure to dispose of waste in a proper manner can cause damage to the already deteriorating state of the planet. With some of the major cities in the world taking a lax attitude to waste management, the UK is trying its best to control waste disposal.

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Women Who Mean Business: Interview with Entrepreneur Isabel Boira-Segarra

In a sector that is primarily male-dominated, Isabel is an experienced and prolific entrepreneur, who has a mechanical engineering degree and holds a Masters and PhD in Energy Policy. She is a commercial and technical expert in the full range of Clean Energy Infrastructure (CEI) technologies and is also one of the Founders and CEO of Future Earth Energy Ltd.

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Dr Zheng Cui on a Mission to Cure Cancer

Everyone on the planet has been affected by cancer in some way. With one in three people being diagnosed at some point in their lives, it touches every part of life, and the need to find a cure is greater than ever.

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