The Funding Journey

Shadow Foundr is the Funding Platform that facilitates companies and investors through the entire funding journey, from seed to exit. The journey begins with…


The (Followers) Funding Platform

Onboard your own network of potential investors in a fully compliant and efficient manner. We do all necessary Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks and onboard investors efficiently, via our platform. Once a company achieves early traction from its own network and meets our due diligence requirements, we move the opportunity to…


The (Private Investor) Funding Platform

Here we introduce the opportunity to our seasoned community of private investors, who are experienced with early-stage equity investments. At the same time, we act as…


The (Co-) Funding Platform

Collaborating with other groups and platforms to ensure opportunities are funded and investor risk is mitigated. Our platform is transparent, clearly displaying which groups have raised what amounts. When the round is complete, we introduce opportunities to other funding institutions, VC’s and family offices via…


The (Follow-On) Funding Platform

Allowing companies to tap into larger funding sources, through our assistance and introductions to our extensive follow-on funding networks.


We pride ourselves on our ability to connect shrewd investors with outstanding early-stage business opportunities. We would very much like to welcome you into the Shadow Foundr network, whether you are an investor, an entrepreneur, or both.