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The Idea

EMSOL empowers organisations to take steps every day to make a lasting difference in reducing transport pollution. This is through a real-time emissions monitoring and analytics platform. This enables local authorities, property developers, their principal contractors and rail operators to track and analyse their transport emissions and assets in real-time and take targeted actions. These emissions include air quality, noise pollution and other pollutants. Assets can include vehicles, site machinery or any other object required. 

The EMSOL platform fuses together the emissions data with the asset data to deliver a real-time view of emissions at a site and enables targeted action for offending assets. This evidence is now vital as part of the contract compliance for delivery and servicing activity within the clean air zone created and demanded by businesses.

Why is this important?

Transport emissions are the biggest source of air pollution in the UK. It is estimated that there are 40,000 early deaths in the UK per year, as a result of air pollution; whilst the annual cost of air pollution and congestion is estimated to be £47 Billion.

Air pollution has a hugely negative impact, both on public health and the economy. Despite it being a hot topic, there are few reliable ways to identify targeted action to reduce local pollution incidents. Other investments are either not real-time which means you can’t connect incidents to assets in a location for targeted action or they are closed systems and require companies to rip and replace the physical tracking infrastructure. EMSOL has solved these problems and   provides a platform which is playing a key role in climate action and meeting net zero targets in transport pollution.

EMSOL’s SaaS platform is connected to a network of vehicle tracking, air and noise pollution sensors. The EMSOL platform is an open framework that  can work with any asset tags or emissions sensors.  

EMSOL’s  asset tags are applied to any asset. The tag is self-powered, with a 5-year battery, is quick and easy to apply and replace, and can track a particular asset’s location and movement. The sensors enable EMSOL to perform real-time measurements of air and noise pollution with location tags and calibrated sensors.

The data from these tags is then shared via a dashboard and notifications, giving customizable, detailed, real-time analytics on urban noise, air quality and vehicle pollution.

With this monitoring data, local authorities, government agencies and businesses become empowered to take targeted action which enables them to reach emission targets – to ultimately save lives and money.

How is the EMSOL platform better than other solutions?

The EMSOL Platform has three main critical differentiators:

The combination of air/noise quality data along with location data provides actionable insights for emissions reductions every day

It delivers a direct path forward with a rapid to deploy, open solution which provides not just measurement, but analysis and insights that drive immediate, targeted, impactful action

Open Framework - The EMSOL system is hardware agnostic able to work with any emission sensor and integrate with any asset tracking/telematics.

The company is raising up to £500,000 at a £3.8m pre-money valuation. The minimum investment target is £300,000.

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The Market

The Market opportunity enables property companies, property funds, landlords and businesses to monitor the environmental health and well-being of their sites and buildings. Using our platform local air pollution created by the site/building from construction, service & delivery activity and day to day operations can now evidence their direct impact.  

ESG (environmental, social & governance) considerations for every building asset is already growing and the recent Queen’s speech confirming legally binding targets for air pollution within the Environmental Bill. The market in the UK specifically for the EMSOL system is worth £2.8Bn (427K sites at £500/mth) and globally £142Bn (21.3M Sites monitoring at £500/mth).

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The Team

Exit Strategy

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Project Documents

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the Numbers

Target: £500,000 Raised so far: £316,884.30 Investors: 7
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top investors

Vincent : £200,000 Andrew : £39,998 Anon : £25,000 Chris : £25,000

the Company

Registered number: 10547298 Incorporation date: 4 January 2017 Website: https://emsol.io/