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The Idea

Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems Ltd (ABBS) has developed patented platform technology that has vast potential across two very different sectors that have a combined projected value of around $80 Billion by 2035.

Over the past 10 years, Founder Roger Sloman, who was also the man who introduced carbon fibre to Formula One, has worked tirelessly with his team to devise world-leading technology for mine blast protection of civilian and military vehicles.

The technology can save lives, and following successful trials, ABBS is now in detailed conversations, with both the US and Israeli militaries.

The company has even signed an agreement with the US Army, to develop its military vehicle technology to Technology Readiness Level 6 - ready for certification work on US military vehicles.

ABBS’s technology is unrivalled and it’s now ready for certification and commercialisation. The order book currently stands at £280k and is set to grow quickly.

The ABBS story gets better however...

Passenger drones and flying cars are nearing commercialisation. Currently 13 companies are planning to launch air taxi services between 2020 and 2023, and Uber predicts that 5,000 Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing, or eVTOL, aircraft will provide air taxi services in every major city in due course.

With the rapid development of eVTOL aircraft, ABBS Management have identified another massive opportunity for their technology.

Using the same principles of physics and with a few technical tweaks, inventor Roger Sloman could see that his technology could provide the framework for the safety systems of all eVTOL vehicles - a market predicted to top $74 Billion by 2035 and a market that is being aggressively pursued by the likes of Uber, Boeing, Airbus, Toyota, Intel and others.

With their patents already in place, ABBS is now working directly with regulatory authorities around the world, including the FAA in the US, CAA in the UK and EASA in Europe, all of which unsurprisingly are specifying the highest safety levels for unmanned flight technology.

Sitting alongside the regulators, ABBS is helping to develop the safety guidelines for the eVTOL sector, and the company has signed an MOU with Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS) for joint market evaluation. BRS already supplies the great majority of whole aircraft parachute systems.

Thanks to their international patent portfolio and strong management team, ABBS is well poised to be the go-to technology for both mine-blast protection for the military, and the safety platform for eVTOL aircraft.

The eVTOL market they are addressing is a rapidly evolving sector, which could create an exit opportunity from any of the major players, such as Uber, Boeing or Airbus.

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The Market

AMPS™ Technology

The military vehicle market is very large. Nearly 400,000 armoured vehicles are operated by friendly national governments across the world. Of those over 208,000 are based in North America and Europe. If the entire fleet of vehicles for North America and Europe were to be retrofitted, this would have a value over £14bn (£715m per annum). The mine/IED threat which emerged during the Iraq and Afghan wars caused 75% of US and UK casualties, and the threat is endemic in many countries around the world and will remain so.

eVTOL Crash Prevention System

The new eVTOL Vertical Mobility Market is evolving very quickly. By 2035 Porsche Consulting estimates this could be a $74 bn market across all market segments. UBER and others predict that “5,000 eVTOL aircraft will provide air taxi services in every major city in due course”.  At a conservative system sale price of £50,000, with 40 major cities over 10million population worldwide, this equates to 200,000 aircraft dedicated to the Urban Air Taxi role, and a £10billion market for the AVCP system. Other market sectors such as personal air transport, cargo delivery drones, and many utility roles will provide at least the same market size requiring the Safety System.

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The Team

Exit Strategy

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Project Documents

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the Numbers

Target: £500,000 Raised so far: £146,674.50 Investors: 10
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the Company

Registered number: 7025669 Incorporation date: 22 September 2009 Website: http://www.advanced-blast.com/