The Idea


At Nimbus® we believe in the opening up and the democratisation of property data to allow much greater economic and social benefits for us all, whether that is building more houses, creating new jobs or one of the many other benefits.

Our vision is to inspire and engage people with the power of data, technology and our passion for property and it’s our mission to show and educate as many people how it can be used.

The wider the audience and the better their access to quality, open and trusted data, the more confidence this bigger community will have to buy, develop and invest in property of all types.  It’s a vision shared by the Government through their Geospatial Commission too with the opening up of the public datasets.

“Data is driving fundamental changes in our daily lives and in the economy. The ability to make easy data-driven decisions is becoming vital to the way that we all live and work. This should be the way that government provides services.”

Our mission is threefold:

  1. we need to make more people aware, through the power of information, of the benefits and opportunities of the wider property ecosystem, well beyond just vanilla residential property purchases
  2. enable the property professionals to access this wider and more educated and aware community, so they can offer them their professional advice and services
  3. for those in the profession, who understand property very well but not necessarily the power or availability of the data and technology, help them to understand what exists and how to make value out of it so they can provide the highest level and most efficient services and advice to this growing client base

To deliver this goal, Nimbus® has created the market leading property information platform called Nimbus® Maps which not only gives users easy access to a massive aggregated and tremendously useful data set of property intelligence (from 1000+ data sources for over 30+ million addresses) but also invests heavily in training the users, through technology, on how to get the most from the information.

This database has been created over a number of years and has been the culmination of hundreds of thousands of pounds of investment, sponsorship of a number of PhD students and using the cutting-edge data science techniques working alongside the computer science department at Warwick University.

We have created an entry level version, Essentials, which is completely free to use and has been built with absolutely everyone in mind.  It exists to encourage and grow the community of people interested in property and educate them on all the possibilities there are.

Then there is a more advanced version, Elite, aimed at the property professional and aficionado to access the very best data and intelligence available.

In 2018, user numbers grew from 2,000 to 30,000, and the target it over 250,000 by the end of 2019.  Not only are we experiencing this exponential growth of users, we are seeing the revenue and profits following in line.

Most of the top commercial agencies use Nimbus® Maps with CBRE, JLL, GVA and Colliers all having 100+ users, as well as the likes of Lidl who have 57 full licences. Over 3,500 companies use Nimbus® Maps each week.

Nimbus® has invested significantly in becoming a fully automated Software as a Service business for our subscriptions, using digital technologies to acquire users, sign them up, train and upgrade them through the journey.  We are now also introducing other technology solutions, developed by partners, to the ever-growing user base. We have invested heavily in training our users but again this is now all automated, from in-platform videos to daily evergreen webinars and customer feedback. and now the installation of a customer service “bot” to autonomously answers queries.

Use of Funds

This fund raise is based on PREVIOUS information and documents and is only available to existing shareholders and their families.

It is to top up the reserves to enable us to continue our growth unabated and to build the next, market leading, product.

These funds will assist the company in achieving its key objectives in the next quarter:

  1. Revenues - with all the revenue lines now in place, particular emphasis will be placed on ensuring sales now scale in line with the user growth.
  2. Build the in house data and tech team to allow greater product and data development and innovation.
  3. Build the next market leading product which will aggregate and create a much large proprietary database.

The Market

The UK property market is estimated to be worth £2.1tn, with investment in the Property Technology sector forecast to grow to £17bn by 2020.

Target Market

The UK commercial property market was valued at £883bn in 2016, accounting for 13% of the value of all buildings in the UK. Nimbus will seek to tap into this area, as well as the residential property market, to expand its current user base of property owners, developers and Investors.

The Company is targeting a client base from a wide range of commercial and residential property market participants in the UK, including agents, valuers, developers, lawyers, investors and researchers. By undergoing an aggressive customer acquisition campaign, Nimbus has already increased its user base from 5,500 to more than 27,000 in just a few months. Nimus is looking to increase this user figure to more than 240,000 by 2021.

Exit Strategy

As previously, it is still not clear what the optimum exit strategy would be at this stage.

We have been in discussions with a number of the top accountancy firms and a number of options exist from trade sale to either a data business or even property consultancy, to IPO.

Since winning the award in December, we have been approached by a number of parties including Private Equity companies too who are keen to explore investing significant funds. These conversations are ongoing.

If the business continues to grow and remains EBITDA positive, valuations of 10 x revenues are quite normal in this space.  Current annual revenue projections exceed £1m per annum.

Project Documents

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the Numbers

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