How Shadow Foundr Works For Investors

Our model is simple, aligning the goals of founders with those of our investors. Our platform facilitates companies and investors through the entire funding journey, from seed to exit.

All companies onboard to a private round initially, where they are encouraged to inject their own funds and access their own networks before we open them up to our established investor community on our platform. In this way, our investors and co-funding partners, can invest knowing the founders already have ‘skin in the game’.

We stay fully engaged with our investee companies and our investors throughout the journey, as we continue to work on follow-on funding opportunities to position our companies and our investors for profitable exit opportunities.

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Previously the exclusive domain of venture capitalists and private equity firms, Shadow Foundr’s regulated funding platform allows every-day investors the opportunity to inject funds into companies that offer unique products or services, are scalable, have strong management teams and operate in sectors where they have competitive advantage and the ability to disrupt.

Investor protection always remains at the core of what we do. Our commitment to investors includes:

  • Sourcing the best opportunities.
  • Educating investors about start-ups and the sector.
  • Conducting vigilant due diligence and questioning of entrepreneurs and their businesses.
  • Championing higher levels of transparency and collaboration within the sector.
  • Seeking full justification of company valuations and rejecting them if unrealistic.
  • Viewing success as timing of exits and returns achieved for investors.
  • Encouraging founders and their followers to invest their own funds into the business.
  • Facilitating secondary market opportunities to allow early exits for investors.

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