How Shadow Foundr Works For Businesses

Our model is simple, aligning the goals of founders with those of our investors. Our platform facilitates companies and investors through the entire funding journey, from seed to exit.

All companies onboard to a private round initially, where they are encouraged to inject their own funds and access their own networks before we open them up to our established investor community on our platform. In this way, our investors and co-funding partners, can invest knowing the founders already have ‘skin in the game’.

We stay fully engaged with our investee companies and our investors throughout the journey, as we continue to work on follow-on funding opportunities to position our companies and our investors for profitable exit opportunities.

For Businesses – Please sign up to raise funds.

Shadow Foundr’s investment platform and eco-system offers a fast, compliant and simple method for companies seeking to raise funds. With our fully automated, FCA-regulated Funding Platform, the support of our dedicated, world-class team and access to our global investor and follow-on funding network, we are perfectly placed to help you raise funds, whatever stage your business is at.

Our platform takes founders through the process in a step-by-step manner and fees are not due until a company has raised funds. If you do not raise any funds, then no fees are payable.

Being sector agnostic, our model allows all companies the opportunity to raise funds, initially through their own networks and then potentially through Shadow Foundr’s private investor network of Sophisticated and High Net Worth individuals.

For businesses, we offer a full range of services and a wealth of experience giving them you the best possible chance of securing vital capital.

• Assistance to get you “investment-ready”.

• Regulated and fully automated platform to facilitate efficient and compliant fund raising.

• Active private network of Sophisticated Investors and High Net Worth Individuals.

• Ongoing support and assistance with investor communication.

• Simplification and flexibility through an independent Nominee.

• An outstanding network of service providers to assist you in other matters (legal, accounting, compliance, corporate governance).

• Access to a large network of advisors, mentors and candidates for Non-Exec roles.

• Commitment to future rounds of funding.

• Assistance and introductions to help with your exit.

For Businesses – Please sign up to raise funds.