How Shadow Foundr Works For Businesses

Our model is simple, aligning the goals of founders with those of our investors. Our platform facilitates companies and investors through the entire funding journey, from seed to exit.

All companies onboard to a private round initially, where they are encouraged to inject their own funds and access their own networks before we open them up to our established investor community on our platform. In this way, our investors and co-funding partners, can invest knowing the founders already have ‘skin in the game’.

We stay fully engaged with our investee companies and our investors throughout the journey, as we continue to work on follow-on funding opportunities to position our companies and our investors for profitable exit opportunities.

For Businesses – Please sign up to raise funds.

Shadow Foundr’s investment platform and eco-system offers a fast, compliant and simple method for companies seeking to raise funds. With our fully automated, FCA-regulated Funding Platform, the support of our dedicated, world-class team and access to our global investor and follow-on funding network, we are perfectly placed to help you raise funds, whatever stage your business is at.

Our platform takes founders through the process in a step-by-step manner and fees are not due until a company has raised funds. If you do not raise any funds, then no fees are payable.

Being sector agnostic, our model allows all companies the opportunity to raise funds, initially through their own networks and then potentially through Shadow Foundr’s private investor network of Sophisticated and High Net Worth individuals.

For businesses, we offer a full range of services and a wealth of experience giving them you the best possible chance of securing vital capital.

  • Assistance to get you “investment-ready”.
  • Regulated and fully automated platform to facilitate efficient and compliant fund raising.
  • Active private network of Sophisticated Investors and High Net Worth Individuals.
  • Ongoing support and assistance with investor communication.
  • Simplification and flexibility through an independent Nominee.
  • An outstanding network of service providers to assist you in other matters (legal, accounting, compliance, corporate governance).
  • Access to a large network of advisors, mentors and candidates for Non-Exec roles.
  • Commitment to future rounds of funding.
  • Assistance and introductions to help with your exit.


The companies we select to go on our platform are encouraged to inject their own funds before we open them up to our established investor community. In this way, our investors can invest knowing the founders have already put ‘skin in the game’.

The journey usually starts with a private raise by the company, using Shadow Foundr’s platform for an initial four weeks to bring in funds from existing shareholders, followers, friends and family. This element of the campaign is not visible to either the public or our own network of investors. Once a campaign has demonstrated traction via the private raise, the opportunity automatically switches to a public raise, where it will be seen by Shadow Foundr’s private investor network.
Once a campaign reaches the funding target or minimum threshold, and all the relevant criteria is completed, including new shares being issued, funds will be transferred.
For investors, Shadow Foundr offers a boutique style service for those looking to invest into early-stage businesses. With our Investor Relations team on hand to answer investor queries and assist throughout the entire investment process, Shadow Foundr offers a very different proposition to other companies in the space.

We understand investing into early stage businesses is an exciting concept, but we also understand the importance of putting the investors’ interests and compliance at the core of the activity. Extensive due diligence is carried out by the team; valuations and entrepreneurs are questioned in depth; and opportunities scrutinised, before we seek a commitment from the founders and their followers to fund a significant proportion of a target fund raise, prior to releasing the campaign to our private investor network and ultimately, the crowd.

For businesses, we offer a full range of services and a wealth of experience to get you “investment ready” to give you the best possible chance of securing capital. Shadow Foundr offers a fast and simple investment model for companies seeking to raise funds. With our fully regulated, automated platform, the support of a world class team and access to our global investor network, we can help you secure vital seed and growth capital, whatever stage your business is at.

From a business perspective, it is difficult to attract the attention that you need to ensure your opportunity is funded, when you are competing with so many others. Shadow Foundr cuts through the noise and offers a more consultative service than its competitors.
You can pitch your idea through the Raise Funds section.
Once you have submitted your idea and followed all of the instructions in the link above, our team will assess it and let you know if it is something we would like to know more about. Someone from Shadow Foundr will then be in touch to discuss next steps and ask for any further information we deem necessary. There is usually a 2-week period between when you submit your idea, to when we let you know whether it has been accepted or rejected.
No, there is never a guarantee that your opportunity will be funded. We do however guarantee to provide your opportunity the best possible chance of funding, by giving your campaign our full attention. Furthermore, any opportunity that we put before our own pool of investors, must be accepted by our Investment Committee, which will not entertain opportunities they feel do not have a chance of receiving funding.
We look for innovative, scalable and unique ideas that solve a problem or serve a need; and show potential for great returns for our investors.
No, however we have an extensive list of contacts to whom we can refer you, with respect to accounting, legal and business consultancy services.
That depends on the opportunity and the appetite of our investors. There is no hard and fast answer for this, but you should really give yourself several months with respect to you planning.
Your investors will expect you to act as the owner and founder of a company is expected to act under the law. They will expect you to remain compliant and keep up to date with your fiduciary responsibilities, as well as keep them informed on progress and news (both good and bad) within your business, post funding. This usually means bi-annual or quarterly updates.
No we don’t. We can communicate updates to investors through our platform, but ultimately it is your responsibility to communicate directly with your investors.
For Businesses – Please sign up to raise funds.