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Your founder journey.

Shadow Foundr supports founders at every stage in their journey by providing educational guides to help get businesses investment-ready and a platform to support the fund raising process. Whether you’re a founder who doesn’t know where to start, or you’re looking to raise a round for your established business, your journey can be tailored to your needs.


Educational Platform

Gain complete access to educational guides, consultative articles and startup tips on the educational platform to learn how to grow your idea, become investor ready and begin your funding journey.


Private Raise

Reach out to your personal network of existing shareholders, followers, family and friends to help gradually grow your startup from the seed stage. This element of the campaign is not visible to either the public or our own network of investors and lasts 4 weeks.


Public Raise

Once a campaign has demonstrated traction via the private raise, the opportunity automatically switches to a public raise, where we introduce the opportunity to our seasoned community of private investors, who are experienced with early-stage equity investments.


Co-funding platform

At the same time, we act as a co-funding platform, collaborating with other groups and platforms to ensure opportunities are funded and investor risk is mitigated. Our platform is transparent, clearly displaying which groups have raised what amounts.


Follow-on funding

When the round is complete, we can introduce your business to other funding institutions, VC’s and family offices, allowing you to tap into larger funding sources, through our assistance and introductions to our extensive follow-on funding networks.

The founder platform

No matter where you’re at, be it budding seed-stage to established founder, our platform has something for you, including a wealth of invaluable guidance and tips through curated educational articles, and document templates. The guidance provided is targeted and will depend on what stage you are at in your funding journey.


Helping early-stage startup founders get their business investor-ready.

setting up your company

startup incubator support

create your pitchdeck

company accounting

company legals

7 day free trial followed by
£29.99 +VAT per month for 6 months
. Can be cancelled after 3 months or upgraded to the Seed subscription.

*Terms and conditions apply

Supporting founders looking to do a cost-effective friends & family round.

everything in the startup plan

reach out to your personal network

fundraising guidance

create a professional pitch video

marketing your business

£499.99 +VAT per month for 6 months. Can be cancelled after 3 months or upgraded to the Scale subscription.

*Terms and conditions apply

Supporting founders who are in the Public Funding round in their startup journey.

everything in seed & start-up plans

introductions to investor network

pitch at webinars and events

essential legal templates

potential access to follow-on funding

£1,499.99 +VAT per month for 6 months. Can be cancelled after 3 months. Please inquire about follow-on funding.

*Terms and conditions apply

Moving your journey forward.

Upgrade from Startup plan to Seed plan when:

You have a viable pitch deck prepared and are investment-ready.

Upgrade from Seed plan to Scale plan when:

You have raised at least 30% of your funding target from your private round and all due diligence has been met.

Beyond Scale to follow-on funding when:

You have completed your funding round and have the necessary legal foundation to scale and raise follow on funding.


For founders

Shadow Foundr offers a simple subscription model for companies wishing to raise funds. Depending on the stage you are at in the funding journey, our platform will guide you to either our startup plan, which will provide you with all the necessary tools to build a viable pitch deck and get you investment-ready; or the seed stage where you can commence a private funding round and use the platform to invite your own networks to invest. There is one low monthly fee payable, depending on which plan you are on, with no commission fees charged on monies raised via the platform.

If you start your journey on the startup subscription plan, once you have a viable pitch deck and you are deemed investment-ready, you will be able to gain access to the seed plan, where you will be able to invite your close networks of friends, family and followers to invest into your business. This element of the campaign is not visible to either the public or our own network of investors.

After you have concluded your private round (seed subscription), met all due diligence requirements and raised a minimum of 30% of your funding target, the opportunity can move onto the seed plan, where you can undertake a public funding round. At this point, your opportunity will be presented to Shadow Foundr’s private investor network and the wider investment community, with full visibility.

Once a campaign reaches the funding target or minimum threshold, and all the relevant criteria are completed, including new shares being issued, funds will be transferred.
For businesses, our platform offer a full range of services, guides and educational materials, drawn from a wealth of experience, to get you “investment ready” and give you the best possible chance of securing capital. Shadow Foundr offers a fast, simple and inexpensive model for companies seeking to raise funds. Our subscription model is modestly priced and is far more cost-effective than any of our competitors.

With our fully regulated, automated platform, the support of a world class team and access to our global investor network, we can help you secure vital seed and growth capital, whatever stage your business is at.

For investors, Shadow Foundr offers a boutique style service for those looking to invest into early-stage businesses. With our Investor Relations team on hand to answer investor queries and assist throughout the entire investment process, Shadow Foundr offers a very different proposition to other companies in the space.

We understand investing into early stage businesses is an exciting concept, but we also understand the importance of putting the investors’ interests and compliance at the core of the activity. Extensive due diligence is carried out by the team; valuations and entrepreneurs are questioned in depth; and opportunities scrutinised, before we seek a commitment from the founders and their followers to fund a significant proportion of a target fund raise, prior to releasing the campaign to our private investor network and the wider investor community.
You can pitch your idea through the Raise Funds section.
Once you have submitted your idea and followed all of the instructions in the link above, our team will assess it and let you know if it is something we would like to know more about. Someone from Shadow Foundr will then be in touch to discuss next steps and ask for any further information we deem necessary. There is usually a 2-week period between when you submit your idea, to when we let you know whether it has been accepted or rejected.
No, there is never a guarantee that your opportunity will be funded. We do however guarantee to provide your opportunity the best possible chance of funding, by giving your campaign our full attention. Furthermore, any opportunity that we put before our own pool of investors, must be accepted by our Investment Committee, which will not entertain opportunities they feel do not have a chance of receiving funding.
We look for innovative, scalable and unique ideas that solve a problem or serve a need; and show potential for great returns for our investors.
No, however we have an extensive list of contacts to whom we can refer you, with respect to accounting, legal and business consultancy services.
That depends on the opportunity, the work you put in as a founder, and the appetite of investors. There is no hard and fast answer for this, but you should really give yourself several months with respect to you planning.
Your investors will expect you to act as the owner and founder of a company is expected to act under the law. They will expect you to remain compliant and keep up to date with your fiduciary responsibilities, as well as keep them informed on progress and news (both good and bad) within your business, post funding. This usually means bi-annual or quarterly updates.
Our platform allows you to update investors in real time. Separately, all opportunities that go through to a public round, must go into our share nominee, which means investors can be updated and communicated with, via the nominee.
We do not charge fees or commission for raising funds for your business opportunity and instead operate a simple subscription fee model for the use of our platform. Our subscription based model offers us the ability to provide a wealth of informative and consultative resources in the form of an educational platform. This is in addition to our funding platform which still stands, and is available to help boost your business and guide your founder journey, from start to finish.
This depends on the level of growth of your company. The start-up plan will be best fitted for very early stages companies to get their business ‘investor ready’. The Seed plan will be for companies who raised 30% of their targeted funds from their private network. The Scale plan is for well-established start-ups who after having gained 30% of targeted funds will have access to our network of investors.
The subscription allows founders at various stages, from budding seed-stage founders to established founders, to access a platform providing invaluable guidance and tips through curated educational articles. The guidance provided will depend upon, and be best-suited for, the level of plan you choose to sign up for.
The Startup Subscription is a 7 day free trial for companies starting out or not quite yet investor ready. The subscription provides a ‘startup incubator’ as it supports very early stage start-up founders in an effort to get them “investor ready”, with access to pitch deck-deck guides, marketing articles and legal company templates. – £29.99 + VAT per month for 6 months, which can be canceled after 3 months or upgraded to the Seed Subscription (subject to investor readiness being achieved and your company is considered ready for investment)
The Seed Subscription is the Private Funding Round for funds raised from the introduction of your own network of contacts via the platform. Subscribers to this plan will find guidance on raising funds and growing your personal network of friends, family and followers – £499.99 + VAT per month for 6 months which you can cancel any time after 3 months or upgrade at any time to the Scale Subscription (subject to you raising at least 30% of your company’s funding target from your own network of contacts)
The Scale Subscription is the Public Funding Round for funds raised through our own network of platform introductions. This subscription will help your business get ready to go out to our established investor network with access to marketing strategies, greater pitching guidance to get your opportunity well prepared. – £1,499.99 + VAT per month for 6 months which you have the option to cancel any time after 3 months (while funds raised will only be disbursed to the company subject to funding targets, set out in your pitch deck, being met)*.
Every subscription can be updated at any time or cancelled after the inital 3 months.
No matter the early stage of a business, it can benefit from the startup plan. We will be here to guide you and give you proper guidance and tools to get your business ‘investor ready’.
The business needs to be investor ready in order to access the seed plan. It can be accessible in two ways: through the startup plan or by submitting a pitch deck directly to us. After reviewing your pitch deck, we will progress it to the seed stage.
The business needs to have raised 30% of proposed funding target from its private network in order to be eligible for the scale plan.