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Shadow Foundr Raise About to Close

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, Shadow Foundr are set to close off our own round of funding and enter the 2017-18 year full of gusto. Already we have begun the marketing campaign to attract a wider audience to our platform and our recruitment of additional resource has begun in earnest.

Shadow Foundr Presents in Denmark

The management of Shadow Foundr recently returned from a quick tour of Denmark where they pitched to Danish investors interested in the Crowdfunding space. Traditionally, crowdfunding in Denmark has been the domain of rewards-based platforms, however equity crowdfunding is starting to grow in the country, with several platforms emerging over the past year.

Shadow Foundr at 65% of Funding Target

Shadow Foundr is delighted to have already reached 65% of its' funding target of £1m, with more pledges set to come in, following a series of pitches to investment groups throughout the UK and Denmark. This round of growth funding has been extremely well received by investors and the company is now confident of closing off the round next month, due mainly to the upcoming Christmas break.

Shadow Foundr: FinTech

The financial technology (FinTech) market is exploding. A recent report from Accenture found that global investment in Fintech has sky-rocketed from $930 million in 2008 to more than $12bn by the beginning of 2015. Fintech is opening up an incredible world of possibilities for both businesses and everyday people. And one of the fastest growing sectors in Fintech is crowdfunding.

We’re Hiring!

Shadow Foundr is currently going through a period of growth and we are preparing for the next stage in the company’s development, with a mini recruitment drive. We are looking at filling a number of positions, including a Social Media Executive, Content Writers, a Junior Developer and an Administrator’s role.

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Chance to Be Part of David Bowie’s Last Creative Genius

We are truly honoured to have the opportunity to be involved in the late David Bowie's last piece of creative genius, Lazarus. This production of Lazarus by David Bowie and Enda Walsh, originally opened at New York Theatre Workshop on November 18, 2015 starring Michael C. Hall.

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Shadow Foundr Platform Now Live

After a year of tweaking and testing, blood, sweat and tears (quite literally); Shadow Foundr’s crowdfunding platform is now live (albeit in soft launch mode). Registering and classifying yourself will give you full access to all deal opportunities, as well as plenty of educational resources and videos. It will also allow you to keep up to date with all of the companies that our investors 
have backed.

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‘Who’s Who’ of the Advertising World Join Forces to Disrupt Television Commercial Delivery

With a lucrative contract already in place with a major British Broadcaster, Honeycomb has started transforming the delivery of TV commercials and content by building the world’s Most Agile and Intelligent Data-Driven Video Ad-Fulfilment Platform. Honeycomb’s proprietary technology will enable the necessary move towards programmatic-style media buying to happen, meaning advertisers will be able to target television consumers in a similar way to how they currently target online consumers.

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Exits on the Agenda for Shadow Foundr

First of all, a big congratulations to Team GB on an outstanding Olympics. It’s been fantastic to see the country bask in the glory of its athletes. The success of GB’s Olympians should give us all confidence and hope as we embark on our future outside of Europe. This truly is a great country with world-class people and innovation, and outstanding prospects for the future; nowhere more evidenced than during the Rio Olympics.

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Honeycomb revolutionises UK video advertising distribution

Honeycomb, which officially launched in the UK this week, has been developed to make the video advertising delivery process simple and intuitive; taking assets from advertiser to broadcaster and publisher in a faster and more efficient way. Eliminating the inevitable errors that arise with manual intervention, and consequentially a large portion of the associated costs,

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