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Midlands Producing Outstanding Funding Opportunities

Shadow Foundr was recently privileged to sit on some judging panels for Venture Fest in the West Midlands.
Around 50 early stage businesses pitched their opportunities, with the final 9 going head to head at Birmingham’s NEC in late June.
What was evident was the quality of proposition coming out of the Midlands. What was encouraging was that most of these had realistic valuations unlike many over-inflated valuations often seen in the capital and surrounds.

How to Become an Angel Investor

An Angel Investor is someone who invests in start-up/small sized businesses. Often, they are family or friends of the business owner. Angel investors can give money on a one-time basis to the company, or inject it into the business over a period of time.

Cityzenith – Summary

Described as “SimCity for real cities” as well as “Minecraft for architects”, Cityzenith has developed a platform which allows users to incorporate all aspects of digital architecture in one place. Prior to Cityzenith’s creation of its award-winning Smart World software platform, architects struggled using multiple pieces of software, which was often incompatible with each other, or difficult to use. Perceiving this difficulty, Cityzenith spotted the gap in the market, and with the help from Google Earth creators, their award-winning Smart World platform was born.

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Dynamic Flow – Summary

Based out of Loughborough University, Dynamic Flow Technologies Ltd (DFTL) is a waste management company which has spent the past 7 years developing their unique and patented non-intrusive Microwave WasteWater Meter. The WasteWater meter is a device that cheaply, accurately, and reliably measures wastewater flows inside sewer pipes.

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Cityzenith Wins Prestigious Realcomm 2016 Digie Award

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This Team Believes they have the Cure to Cancer in Sight

- Investor Presentation, Thursday July 20th, 7pm -
The Biotech world has started opening up to Shadow Foundr, courtesy of new affiliations forged at various universities and innovation centres.
It is a world that is vitally important for our health and well-being, and one that is helping us to live longer, happier lives.

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