Who are the World’s Largest Impact Investors?

As people are realising the significance of social and environmental change, impact investing is increasing in popularity, importance and profitability. But who are the world’s biggest impact investors?

Vital Capital Fund

One of the largest impact investing firms to date, based on assets under management, the total market value of investments that the firm manages, is Vital Capital Fund, a private equity fund with around $350 million in assets.

The fund invests in business and projects based in developing economies, most prominently in sub-Saharan regions of Africa, with the aim to significantly improve quality of life as well as produce beneficial investment returns.

Vital Capital Fund’s main focus for their investments is on the building and development of necessary infrastructure, homes, agriculture and industrial projects, renewable energy, health care and education.

Some of the fund’s most successful investments are the Luanda Medical Centre, based in Angola, and WaterHealth International.

Tridos Investment Management

Tridos Investment Management, a subsidiary of Tridos Bank based in the Netherlands, manages a multitude of sustainable investment funds.

Tridos has been focused on impact investing since 1995 and has about $5 billion in assets. Renewable energy, sustainable food and agriculture, such as organic farming, health care and education are all at the top of Tridos’ main interests.

Tridos is also a founding member of the Global Impact Investing Network, and its huge contribution to impact investing has been spread across the globe throughout Europe, South America, Africa, India and Southeast Asia.

Reinvestment Fund

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Reinvestment Fund is a non-profit community development financial institution with approximately $1.2 billion in assets under management as of publication.

They are a private sector financial institution which mainly focuses on personal lending and improving the development of businesses in poorer local communities who need a head start and are based in distressed communities in the US.

The fund raises money for housing projects and infrastructures, finances access to health care, educational programs and job initiatives.

It also advises US cities with public policy problems and conducts data analysis services in an effort to help developing community programs.

BlueOrchard Finance S.A.

With main offices located in Switzerland, BlueOrchard Finance helps over 80 emerging and frontier markets across the world, including parts of Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe.

BlueOrchard Finance S.A. was created as a composing part of a United Nations initiative in 2001 and is the first commercial manager of microfinance debt investment worldwide.

This is a kind of banking service offered to unemployed or low-income individuals or groups who otherwise do not have the opportunities or access to financial services.

More precisely, BlueOrchard Finance S.A. offers debt and equity financing to businesses and institutions who focus on alleviating social and environmental issues, such as decreasing hunger and poverty, encouraging entrepreneurship, developing food production and education programs and alleviating issues causes by the climate crisis.

BlueOrchard has laid out investments to over 200 million entrepreneurs worldwide and has around $3.5 billion in assets under management.

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