Welcome to the Education Revolution

Welcome to the Education Revolution: Changing the Way We Learn with Shaw Academy and Shadow Foundr

The way we learn is changing – potentially forever.

Education no longer has to revolve around sitting in a classroom, reading from a book, or learning from a teacher. Now, people can learn new skills via their computers, at any time of day, from almost any location. This is the Education Technology (EdTech) revolution, and it is being pioneered by companies and students keen to take education outside of the classroom environment.

With the global higher education market worth more than $1.9 trillion, it is easy to see why businesses are trying to disrupt the education sector and make it more accessible.

The EdTech industry is growing and attracting serious interest, with investors committing over $2.3b across 428 EdTech related deals in 2016 alone.

One business leading the way in the EdTech industry is Shaw Academy. Shaw Academy provides low-cost, high-quality education for everyone, via its digital learning platform. Uniquely, the business utilises AI technology to not only ensure each student learns to their best potential, but so they can get instant answers in real-time to any questions they have during a class. No-one else in this space offers this service. Shaw currently educates 250,000 students per month, and since 2014, it has had over 4 million sign-ups.

Why are we telling you this? Shaw Academy is currently raising funds via Shadow Foundr, the private investor network platform. Shadow Foundr handpicks opportunities that it believes are scalable, disruptive and innovative, and while it typically backs early-stage businesses, it believes so strongly in Shaw Academy it is helping it in the current round of funding.

Shaw Academy is looking to raise £800k of investment to push the business even further, and to give more people access to affordable education. In financial terms, Shaw’s annual revenue has increased at a compound annual growth rate of 130% from 2012 to 2016, and they generated an impressive €10m in 2017.

The Shaw Academy management team is second to none. As well as having the former CEO of Virgin Group, Stephen Murphy, as their chairman, members of the team previously worked at Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Oracle, Yahoo, Accenture, Vodafone, and Citco.

How does this affect you? Shaw Academy is now looking for investors who want to change the world of learning and help millions of people access a better education, by purchasing shares in the business. The shares can be purchased through Shadow Foundr’s secure and easy-to-use platform www.shadowfoundr.com/investments/462/shaw-academy.

The campaign closes on Sunday 1st April 2018.


Speaking about Shaw Academy’s success, founder James Egan commented: “2017 was a real high point for the business. We brought on an incredibly strong leadership function, and we really matured the organisation a lot. We are now perfectly positioned for a period of further higher-growth”.

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