Waitrose Trialling EMSOL Solution

Leading UK retailer Waitrose has begun trialling the EMSOL solution to gain visibility and control of site noise pollution from the company’s logistics activity.

Waitrose joins EMSOL’s growing list of high-profile customers the company is working with to address air and noise pollution in urban areas.

Other notable clients within the EMSOL portfolio include, Balfour Beatty, Hanson, Croydon Council, London School of Economics, John Lewis, Network Rail, Transport for London and the NHS.

The aim of the deployment between EMSOL and Waitrose is to understand which vehicles, trailers, types of fuel and logistics activities are causing noise pollution.

The trial will track vehicles at Waitrose store sites in London, then match vehicle locations with noise pollution levels.

This will enable Waitrose to understand which vehicles and activities are causing the most and least pollution, so the company can take specific mitigations to reduce the pollution.

The result is to support Waitrose to achieve its local environment and community engagement commitments.

EMSOL’s sales pipeline is gathering significant momentum with £1M of qualified pipeline sales reached this week.

Management believes the business is positioned well for a Series A funding round by Q2 2022 with impact funds lined up.

The current Seed+ round is closing with limited opportunity left at this valuation. If you would like to learn more about EMSOL and the opportunity to invest into the company, please click here.

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