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We wanted to let you know of some upcoming webinar dates to put in your diary. There are two webinar pitches taking place next week. If you would like to be present then lets us know by email: info@shadowfoundr.com

Perfectly Spoken – 7pm Tuesday, April 30th

Based out of Cambridge, Perfectly Spoken is developing a disruptive English Language Teaching platform, which will allow the company to monetise its large and rapidly growing subscription base of 125,000 students. At a modest 2% conversion rate, Perfectly Spoken believes it can easily generate in excess of $20k per month, almost immediately.

The company is seeking just £100k of SEIS investment, before going out for further funding later this year at a higher valuation.

You can find out more by clicking here.

Green Light Change – 7pm Thursday, May 2nd

Green Light Change meanwhile has built a SaaS (software as a service) product that gives trusted, real-time control of profitability back to Company Executives in the $8.5Tn Construction industry.
Already adopted by one of the largest construction companies in the UK, GLC is on track to increase margins across a portfolio of 50,000 of their projects and has already delivered a €4.2M, 12% increase to the bottom line on the company’s first 100 projects.

You can find out more by clicking here.

Both companies have excellent early traction, with Perfectly Spoken able to leverage off their already massive student subscription base and GLC demonstrating the value of its product with some major early adopters.

You can learn more about both companies during next week’s webinars, but please do remember to register your interest by emailing info@shadowfoundr.com.

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