Up to 76% net gains for Shadow Foundr investors in a renewable energy company financing

Investors into DRENL, a waste-to-energy renewable energy developer, have realised returns of up to 76%. The financing, which was set up in August 2016, was originally to be on a 12-month term, but the overrun of DRENL’s project close meant investors also accrued penalty interest. The financing was secured against property via a legal charge to protect investors until repayment.

The financing was successfully repaid in full last month, including all penalty interest, and helped earn investors a very significant 76% return on their investment in just under two years.

In addition, Shadow Foundr has recently completed its first short-term VAT financing for the purchase of commercial property.

Shadow Foundr offers members of its Foundrs’ Club first access to all financing opportunities. The VAT financing opportunities that we are introducing to members, offer the following:

  • Up to a 90-day financing (typically between 45-60 days) to enable the completion of commercial property purchases
  • Attractive annualised return of up to 12% per annum
  • With the financing repayment coming from HMRC
  • Secured on the commercial property with personal guarantees

With a focus on investor-needs first and foremost, Shadow Foundr seeks to deliver healthy returns to investors by consistently attracting highly scalable and disruptive global businesses, with substantial growth potential.

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