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Working with a German specialist, Synapse has aligned its database technology with their messaging platform, to generate highly specific messages to highly specific finance people, in a low volume but high impact way – the precise opposite of spam.

The results have been astonishing; at a cost of around £1 per message delivered, Synapse is receiving an excellent response from the campaign, which has assisted the company in attracting £324k of signed deals and up to £750k of pipeline business.

One deal for £24k, was achieved on a £37 marketing spend1

Amongst the company’s latest clients are Galliard Homes, one of London’s leading property developers, and G’s Fresh Group, Europe’s largest farming conglomerate.

As the company looks to close of its funding round, it is also ramping up new prospect opportunities with £450k-£750k pipeline of business expected in H1 2019.

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