Synapse Gearing for Series B Funding & 2x Valuation Uplift

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Synapse Information is preparing to embark on its next Series B funding round, with Management expecting a 2x increase in the company’s valuation.

This is great news for early investors, with the team continuing to execute well and deliver its plans as it looks to take the company to a profitable exit.

Some of the things happening with Synapse currently include:

  • Increased sales in the Private Equity marketplace following a recent win – the Cloud CFO solution is seen as a perfect fit to produce PE financials – this opens the worldwide marketplace of PE companies now Synapse has some early traction.
  • One of their customers (one of the biggest property companies in Britain) has engaged Synapse to produce ‘the company glossies’ (the large printed annual reports large companies must create – these deals are worth tens of thousands each and all major companies need this service.
  • The Clearview acquisition means Synapse now has access to 70+ implementations in the Housing Association sector of 3600 prospects – Synapse will be selling its Cloud CFO solution into this large opportunity.
  • Having won two x £250,000 UK Government SMART R&D grants, the company is bidding for a third worth £262,000 for Q3/Q4.
  • Leveraging contacts from their two existing customers in Sweden, they have just started selling into this market and the pipeline is building well.
  • Preparing to launch their new, but complementary product, which management believes there is every reason, will become a major new revenue stream.

Synapse CEO Brian Donnelly said he was extremely optimistic about the company’s prospects and bullish about its growing sales pipeline.

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