Special Event – Cudos Funding Round

We are extremely excited to announce a webinar with the Founder of a company that has achieved USD $10m in revenue this year and already has in excess of 500,000 users.

Cudos CEO and Founder Matt Hawkins, will outline his company’s next round of funding, in which Shadow Foundr investors have the opportunity to participate, on the evening of Wednesday December 8th, at 7pm.

Who is Cudos?

The computational needs of our tech-driven world put an enormous ecological strain on the planet and the inefficient use of the existing computational resources compounds the problem.

Cudos unites cloud and blockchain to make computing sustainably cost-effective. Cudos uses spare computing to create a decentralised, sustainable and connected world, enabling up to 10x more cost-effective and greener computing.

Their decentralised cloud solution helps the environment by utilising spare computing resources. Cudos is creating a green network for a sustainable future.

The effect s huge, as people from low-cost energy, low-income developing countries can benefit from the Cudos solution. Charities for example could gather unused devices and donate them to families in these regions to help them generate income.

Cudos’ vision is to facilitate a decentralised, sustainable, and connected world where no computing is wasted.

Traction to Date

  • $10m USD 2021 Revenue
  • >500,000 users
  • Major partnerships including AMD, Sapphire, Algorand, Animoca Brands and Chainlayer
  • 100% Carbon Neutral and Green Blockchain and Infrastructure
  • 2.2 million x more efficient than Ethereum

Cudos already has several large institutional backers and most of this £5m round is soft-circled, however Shadow Foundr investors have an opportunity to participate, on a collaborative basis.

Please keep the date free – Wednesday, December 8th, 7pm. We will bring you further updates soon.

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