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Shadowfoundr is one of the UK’s leading Private Investor Networks. Since 2010 the team has raised in excess of £33 million for a wide variety of business propositions.

Back in 2010, our very first investment gave a 130% return to investors in just 9 months and since then we have gone on to provide a number of successful exits to our investors. We fully expect to deliver further success over the coming months and years as we get even better at what we do.

At Shadowfoundr there are two sides to the company – 1. Our off-line Private Investor Network 2. Our on-line automated Crowdfunding Platform.

We focus on three types of investments – 1. Equity Investments (Both Early Stage and Growth Businesses) 2. Secured Short Term Lending Opportunities. and 3. Property Investments.

Compliance is at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring entrepreneurs and opportunities are put through a rigorous due diligence process. The protection of our investors and their interests are our number one priority

We put a strong emphasis on innovative and on-trend businesses, keeping abreast of cutting edge developments and growth areas such as tech and the renewable energy sector. We handpick the very best opportunities from literally hundreds that we come across to give our investors the highest chance of achieving the attractive returns that they seek.

A large proportion of the companies we raise funding for qualify for UK government SEIS and EIS Tax initiatives. These incentives have a hugely positive impact on our business and our client because they help mitigate a lot of the investors’ downside risk should the business venture fail, whilst minimizing their tax position if it is successful.

Through a combination of regular newsletters, live events and website updates, Shadowfoundr keeps its members informed and abreast of unique, scalable, disruptive and zeitgeist investment opportunities – whilst also providing an informal forum for like-minded people to get together to form business partnerships across the UK and around the globe.

We regularly meet with investors and entrepreneurs to network, share ideas and make things happen!

At Shadowfoundr we are passionate about what we do and we insist that the people and companies we choose to raise funds for share that passion.

Once we commit to raising funds for a company, our in-house production team will sit down with the entrepreneurs to create a story board for their opportunity. We then film and produce a succinct, high-quality pitch-video, which will play an important part in promoting the proposition and obtaining a quick investment decision from our Private Investor Network.

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