Shadow Foundr Helping To Bring Healthy Fast Food to the UK

Shadow Foundr, has just launched its latest campaign to the market and this time we are supporting the introduction of a global restaurant chain into the UK which will give us all a healthier fast food option. Salad Box is expanding to these shores.

When you’re out and about and looking to grab a bite to eat, do you find it hard to find something that is both healthy and affordable?

You’re not alone in that predicament.

In 2011, four friends decided to offer the public a new lifestyle choice, based on providing people with food that was good for their bodies as well as for their bank accounts. By April 2012, they had launched the first ‘Salad Box’ store in Cluj-Napoca, the second largest city in Romania.

Now Shadow Foundr is helping to bring Salad Box’s healthy ethos to the UK by supporting their efforts to raise the funding required to break into this market.

What started as a joint venture between friends has gone on to become a household name, as well as the largest restaurant chain of healthy fast food in Romania, and the third largest fast-food chain in the entire country (behind McDonalds and KFC). Salad Box has 55 outlets across Romania, Hungary, Algeria, Bulgaria, and the US.


The concept of selling fresh and healthy meals is a revelation in the world of fast-food, and miles ahead of what the other market competitors are offering. And as of late 2017, it’s here in the UK with outlets already opened in Brick Lane and Kingston-Upon-Thames, and one in Swansea opening soon.

Salad Box is now launching an expansion programme via Shadow Foundr’s investment platform, aiming to raise funds to grow the business even further. After five successful years, Salad Box has already generated a turnover of £17m (2016) and this is forecasted to grow to £21m by the end of 2017.

The opportunity has now arisen for a handful of investors to take part in this exciting programme, by purchasing shares in the company that owns the exclusive franchise rights. Around £90,000 of investment remains eligible under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), which is great news for investors, as they can enjoy up to 50% tax relief on investments.

Jason Kluver, Shadow Foundr COO, commented: “this is one of the first consumer products we have promoted on our platform. But when we saw the incredible rate of growth the company had experienced in its first few years, culminating in £17m of revenue in 2016, we knew Salad Box was an opportunity we had to put in front of our investors.”

The campaign has already reached 40% of its investment target.

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