Shadow Foundr delighted to see Chayora making significant strides in the Chinese market

Recent reports indicate that Chayora, which has raised funds via the Shadow Foundr platform over several rounds, is making significant progress in China, one of the most exciting online technology markets in the world.

Founded by Oliver Jones and his business partners, Jonathan Berney, who now acts as Chief Operating Officer at the company and Steven Cao, Chayora has a simple vision: to build a trusted international service provider that enables international companies to access the huge market potential that China offers.

Not only has Chayora invested a significant amount of time and money to operate entirely in line with China’s regulations, it also has its servers inside mainland China as it looks to become a large scale campus provider of fully licensed data centres in key locations across the country.

“We are aiming to combine the best of China and the best of the international environment, for the benefit of our customers,” says Berney. “And we feel very strongly that being able to contribute to the economic, political and social environment that we operate in is critical.”

2018 will represent a milestone year for the company as it will complete its initial facility, the TJ1 Data Centre, on its hyperscale data centre campus in Beichen, northern Tianjin. Located between Beijing and Tianjin at the heart of 150m people in the tri-province, TJ1, which is targeting an operating date for early 2019, will be the first data centre of the company’s wider Tianjin 300MW, 32-hectare (80-acre) campus which will ultimately comprise nine major data centre facilities.

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