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– Round Closes Next Friday, 28th June –

On the back of the Government’s announcement to make the UK a net-zero carbon economy by 2050, a new CEBR report commissioned by Moltex Energy, estimates that widespread adoption of the company’s nuclear energy technology, would not only run without subsidy but would save the UK economy £16 billion per year.

Moltex Energy’s reactor technologies represent a paradigm shift in clean energy generation.

Research undertaken as part of the Government’s Advanced Modular Reactor program has shown that advanced reactor technologies can deliver cheap electricity underpinning the transition to a net-zero economy.

Low carbon electricity from new nuclear technology can be delivered cheap enough to lower household bills for consumers and reduce the cost of electricity for businesses.

Moltex Energy firmly believes that new nuclear technologies must play a prominent role as a cost-effective and reliable source of low carbon power as we transition to a net-zero carbon economy.

The Government’s announcement last week is further good news for Moltex Energy, with nuclear technology firmly in the mix to achieve its 2050 net-zero carbon objective.

Meanwhile, Moltex has brought forward the closing date for its current funding round to next Friday, June 28th.

The round has been a huge success, surpassing £5m and attracting a £2.5m corporate investment from Nuclear Energy Consultancy firm IDOM. The company now wants to finalise the round and move its plans forward in earnest.

Moltex Energy has fully patented technology they believe makes nuclear energy safe and cost-effective to produce; and could ultimately take away our dependence on fossil fuels, completely.

Their Stable Salt Reactor (SSR) is fundamentally the first new nuclear technology in half a century, allowing nuclear energy plants to be built for half the cost of a coal-fired equivalent; preventing potential meltdowns; and converting existing nuclear waste into fuel for future nuclear energy.

Boasting an extremely impressive management and advisory team, Moltex has support from the UK, USA and Canadian governments – New Brunswick Power, the utility that has signed an MOU with Moltex, is a Canadian government-owned utility.

With just over a week before the round closes, you can listen to the Moltex pitch and download more information about the company by clicking here.

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