Remote Broadband Project Opens Way to Major Opportunities for Genesis

Genesis, working together with Crown Capital Partners (TSX: CRWN), their affiliates WireIE & Galaxy and Lite Access, have secured the full broadband deployment for Brooks, Alberta, delivering life-changing broadband services to residents across the city.

The overall value of the Brooks project to Genesis is in excess of CAD$5 million with first orders expected in Q4 2021. This project will initially utilize the GHub™ , SAN-S/E™ , GSLAM® and GEMS™ and will be complemented by the GBE™/GBA™ in the future.

Brooks is located in southeast Alberta (approx. 12.86 km²) and has a mix of residential, enterprise and rural locations alongside indigenous reserves to the population of 15,000.

The primary bases of the economy are energy (oil and gas) and agriculture with other sectors including metal, manufacturing, food processing and construction. Brooks has experienced growth in recent years and its economy continues to grow.

The Brooks project leverages the CAD$150M funding provided by the provincial Alberta Government to increase the speed of internet service for rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

Deployment of these life-changing broadband services into the city of Brooks will showcase the consortium’s ability to deliver turn-key broadband services utilising the Genesis G.Max™ solution.

The network deployment in Brooks will provide a cookie-cutter template for the consortium, which management believes will enable it to be replicated in network services across Canada.

Once the customer reference deployments have been established, duplication throughout Canada can be envisaged where there are tens of thousands of small cities, towns, and villages in the same position as Brooks, requiring ultrafast broadband.

Over the past two years, Genesis, Crown Capital Partners (Crown) and its affiliates have worked together in identifying potential mutually beneficial business opportunities in Canada.

During this time, they have developed a clear competitive market solution and sharpened their pencils, which has culminated in a winning strategy, securing the city of Brooks ahead of competitors such as Shaw Communications.

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