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Moltex Energy’s record-breaking funding round is closing today (Friday, 28th June 2019) – meaning this is your last chance to invest into fundamentally the first new nuclear technology in half a century.

Moltex Energy’s fully patented Stable Salt Reactor (SSR) technology represents a paradigm shift in clean energy generation.

Boasting a highly credentialled management team and supported by several governments around the world, the company estimates that widespread adoption of its SSR, would not only run without subsidy but would save the UK economy £16 billion per year.

At the same time, adoption could ultimately take away our dependence on fossil fuels, completely; make nuclear energy safe and cost-effective to produce; prevent potential meltdowns and convert existing nuclear waste into fuel for future energy.

The current funding round has been an overwhelming success, attracting more than 100 investors and progressing to nearly £5.5m – well above the original £4m target.

You can listen to the Moltex pitch and download more information about the company by clicking here.

And if you wish to invest, you will need to make your pledge today, as this is the last day the opportunity will be on the platform.

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