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Ever wondered what you do when you’ve reached the top of your career ladder? Well in the case of Thorsten Sauer, Airbeem’s new Chairman, you start again!

Thorsten Sauer had worked his way up from a trainee programmer to become the President of Ericsson, one of the largest global telecommunications businesses.

Many people would be satisfied at reaching such a lofty position, especially given the hard work it took to get there. Thorsten Sauer, however, wanted to branch out and try something new. He took off in a new direction and the result is his recent appointment as Chairman of the Board of Airbeem, a video platform designed to provide core distribution technologies to the middle market.

So, what inspired Thorsten to leave such a senior position at one of the most famous companies in the world, and swap it for a role at Airbeem?

“I worked for Ericsson for quite a while, and what I really enjoyed in the traditional, corporate career was venturing out into new areas”, he explained.

“We started from scratch, to become a main service company for the media industry. We did that through organic activities, but also through a number of acquisitions.

“We built a company that had 2,500 employees, and was the largest service provider for the media industry globally, serving clients like the BBC, ITV and Channel 4”.

Working in an array of different roles for Ericsson allowed Thorsten to experience and understand many different facets of a successful global business.

“I enjoyed building up new businesses, and understanding and analysing the industry and the changes and transformations happening within it,” he said.

He then went on to explain that he loved “transforming businesses…..with a business, you can never sit still because the world around you is changing, and new technologies are always arising”.

Given that Thorsten had such a prestigious position at Ericsson, it’s understandable that some might wonder why he wanted to work for a relatively new company such as Airbeem.

“I’m quite familiar with the space that Airbeem operates in. I love the idea that you can give people the opportunity to bring their fascinating and interesting content to consumers, and to their fan-base and audiences.”

“I feel that the tools available to companies today have not been up to scratch, and that is the main focus that Airbeem has: liberating people who have content-based businesses and enabling them to reach their consumers directly.”

“Secondly, I was really drawn by the quality of the team at Airbeem. It’s a great mix of experienced people and very humble entrepreneurs: I’m very convinced about them.”

Thorsten has big plans for Airbeem. “I want to help to build a business that is scalable. They are addressing an area in the marketplace which is currently undisturbed, and I really want to help them grow a global, successful business that basically is bringing content direct to audiences”.

Not only does Thorsten cite Airbeem’s team as a reason for his career change, but he also believes in, and welcomes, the vision of the company.

“Airbeem has a great foundation already. With the partnerships that Airbeem has entered, they have a lot of the basics for a successful and scalable business. Now it’s about scaling up. I think Airbeem has the potential to be a leader in the space, not only regionally, but globally”.

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