OvuSense Launches Market-Leading Skin Sensor

OvuSense has just launched OvuFirst, the most accurate skin-worn sensor on the market that confirms a woman’s fertile window with over 90% accuracy.

OvuFirst is designed to measure skin temperature and provide women with an understanding of when to try and conceive, along with helping women determine what issues they may be having during the process of starting or growing a family.

At the heart of the OvuSense fertility monitoring family is the ability to provide clinically proven, accurate, and useful information so every woman can best understand her unique individual cycle pattern.

OvuFirst is the latest technology in the company’s family of fertility monitoring solutions. By utilising its revolutionary OvuCore technology, proven in over 190,500 cycles of use, the OvuSense team has been able to develop and test OvuFirst as the most accurate skin sensor available on the market.

Women can wear the sensor on their arm or wrist overnight in a convenient and non-invasive way and it will confirm a woman’s fertile window with over 90% accuracy.

As with the other sensors in the OvuSense family (OvuCore & Ovusense Pro), OvuFirst uses the OvuSense App to download data and provide women with a full 8-day fertile window at the start of their next cycle.

The OvuFirst sensor is worn overnight on either the wrist or under an arm using the company’s specially designed band.

OvuFirst will measure your skin temperature continuously every five minutes. With no radio waves transmitted from the sensor while applied to the body, it is completely safe to use.

When the person wearing the sensor wakes up in the morning, they can download its data to the OvuSense App, which analyses current cycle data generated from the OvuFirst sensor and provides live updates that plots the user’s unique cycle pattern.

Proven in side-by-side trials with our OvuCore technology, OvuFirst confirms a woman’s fertile window with over 90% accuracy and is able to predict when they will be at their most fertile in their next cycle.

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