OpenAI to Open Their First Foreign Office in the UK

OpenAI, the US company responsible for ChatGPT, has announced plans to establish its first international office in London. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman sees this move was an opportunity to attract top talent. The decision comes in the wake of Altman criticizing the European Union’s proposed AI regulations, which would require companies to disclose the data used to train their systems. In contrast, the UK is developing “pro-innovation” regulations.

OpenAI’s Vice President of People, Diane Yoon, expressed excitement about expanding their research and development presence in London and building dynamic teams in research and engineering to advance safe AI.

The introduction of ChatGPT in November last year generated significant global interest due to its ability to provide human-like answers to questions. This, in turn, sparked discussions about the potential threats and necessary regulations surrounding AI. Altman has argued that AI can create jobs and reduce inequality.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also praised AI’s potential to positively transform humanity and enhance public services during an event at University College London. The UK government has invested £2.5 billion in AI since 2014.


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