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Following a record webinar attendance last night, we are extremely pleased to launch the fundraising campaign for Moltex Energy, an opportunity that is not just about making a monetary return on investment, but about making a lasting impact to reverse the effects of climate change.

Moltex Energy has fully patented technology they believe makes nuclear energy safe and cost-effective to produce; and could ultimately take away our dependence on fossil fuels, completely.

Their Stable Salt Reactor (SSR) is fundamentally the first new nuclear technology in half a century. It allows nuclear energy plants to be built for half the cost of a coal-fired equivalent; prevents potential meltdowns; and can convert today’s stockpile of existing spent-nuclear fuel into fuel for future nuclear energy.

Crucially, Moltex has support from the UK, USA and Canadian governments – New Brunswick Power, the utility that has signed an MOU with Moltex, is a Canadian government-owned utility.

The company also has good relationships with the governments of France and Malaysia, with a view to securing future contracts in those territories.

Recently selected to take part in the UK Government’s Advanced Modular Reactor programme, with the potential of £10m in funding in 2019, Moltex has also been awarded approximately USD $3m towards technology development with the US national labs.

Boasting an extremely impressive management and advisory team, the company began a private round with its own network of followers last week; and has already nearly passed its £4m funding target – boosted by a £2.5m corporate investment from Nuclear Energy Consultancy firm, IDOM. The Founders will however take up to £5m of funding for this current round.

The full Information Memorandum and a very enlightening pitch webinar are now available.

To learn more about Moltex Energy, please click here.

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