November 8th – Webinar for World Leading Energy Technology

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Based in Sheffield, Libertine has developed a world-leading platform technology, which has 28 patents, they and others in their field believe will allow free piston engines to replace conventional engines en-masse.

Free Piston Engines are a clean and efficient compact power source, capable of operating on a variety of renewable or fossil fuels.

Libertine’s platform technology will accelerate the global adoption of hybrid electric vehicles, and will help make decentralised power generation the norm, bringing clean, reliable and affordable power to wherever it is needed and transforming the lives of millions of people.

Libertine already has commercial relationships with pioneering Free Piston Engine developers including PETRONAS the Malaysian multinational oil and gas giant, and Israeli Aquarius Engines.

Founder and CEO, Sam Cockerill will be presenting his company to Shadow Foundr investors in a live webinar at 7.30pm on Thursday, 8th of November, so register your interest in joining the webinar please click here.

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