NFT & Metaverse Expert Joins Cudos Amidst Talent Shortage

While global companies and technology giants struggle to recruit specialists in the NFTs and the metaverse space, Cudos has won the talent race, becoming one of the first companies to get an expert on board.

George Mathai joined Cudos as an NFTs and Metaverse product manager. He will be instrumental in driving Cudos’ vision of powering the metaverse through NFTs.

Discussing his role, George said, “I believe that the adoption of NFTs and the metaverse will begin with games – hyper-casual, simple, or massive role-playing games.”

“So my immediate focus is identifying how developers can use Cudos’ layer-1 and layer-2 to create games to onboard the next million users onto the Cudos platform.”

Ahead of the curve

The metaverse continues to be the buzzword in 2022. Global brands have an urgency to build a metaverse strategy as it is an opportunity to connect with their consumers.

A solid metaverse strategy will allow them to enter the world of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and explore multiple avenues for their brands.

In October, Facebook announced that they would hire 10,000 professionals in the EU to work on the metaverse. Other giants followed suit and are on a hiring spree, but the immediate need for skilled talent has made sourcing the right professionals challenging.

Cudos management said they were thrilled to be one of the few companies to appoint a specialist to lead our NFTs and metaverse plans.

They spoke to their new NFTs and Metaverse product manager on his inspiration and upcoming trends in the space. Here are some insights from that discussion.

The beginnings

George: Around the first Covid-19 lockdown, I started exploring the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionise the world.

My fascination with the NFTs grew with the NBA Topshot’s success, the fan mania around it to collect the NFTs, and the viral content that was generated organically by the community.

So, I decided to shift my gears from a travel startup to a blockchain startup and got the chance to create NFTs and fan-engagement related products for sports fans, clubs, and athletes.

Role of Cudos in leveraging the NFT and metaverse wave?

George: Today, less than 2% of the internet is enabled by real-time 3D software, and it is estimated to reach 50% by 2030. As the metaverse(s) are deployed on top of technologies like blockchain, there will be a need for massive amounts of real-time distributed computing power.

Cudos’ layer-1 blockchain and layer-2 compute are positioned to offer the best of both worlds. Cudos’ decentralised and interoperable network ticks off the requirements for most of the applications that will enable this next shift in the internet space.

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