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Over the winter, the Shadow Foundr Origination team has been working extremely hard to find new and exciting opportunities for our network of investors. Here is a taste of what’s coming soon… and it’s a far cry from your craft brewers and coffee shops…

Protected Technology Targeting Sectors Worth $80Bn

ABBS has patented platform technology that has vast potential across two very different sectors, that have a combined projected value of round $80 Billion by 2035.

Developed by the man who introduced carbon fibre to Formula One, this technology can save lives, and following successful trials, the company is now in detailed conversations, with both the US and Israeli militaries.

Not stopping there, the founder could see that his technology could provide the framework for the safety systems of all Electronic Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles – a market predicted to top $74 Billion by 2035 and a market that is being aggressively pursued by the likes of Uber, Boeing, Airbus, Toyota, Intel and others.

Passenger drones and flying cars are nearing commercialisation. Currently 13 companies are planning to launch air taxi services between 2020 and 2023, and Uber predicts that 5,000 Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing, or eVTOL, aircraft will provide air taxi services in every major city in due course.

ABBS is now working directly with regulatory authorities around the world, including the FAA in the US, CAA in the UK and EASA in Europe, all of which unsurprisingly are specifying the highest safety levels for unmanned flight technology.

Sitting alongside the regulators, ABBS is helping to develop the safety guidelines for the eVTOL sector.

Disruptive Nuclear Energy Technology

A disruptive outsider to the slow-moving nuclear industry, with a focus on driving down the costs of nuclear energy to below the cost of generating electricity from fossil fuels.

This is the first fundamentally new nuclear technology in half a century, which is reflected in this company’s exceptionally robust patent portfolio.

Their target is not to take a substantial slice of the relatively small current global market for nuclear energy. It is to largely replace gas and coal use, worth $500Bn per annum.

A UK company, they were recently selected by New Brunswick Power as one of just two vendors, selected from a field of 90 international candidates, to build the first advanced reactor in Canada at their nuclear plant at Point Lepreau, which included an initial investment in the business of $5m.

SaaS Model English Language Platform with 80,000 Existing Users

In response to the surge in global demand for learning English, Perfectly Spoken has created an affordable and flexible solution for students worldwide to learn English online.

Already, the company has attracted over 80,000 users across more than 100 countries, whom they are now looking to monetise through a subscription model, which will be delivered via a cutting-edge platform they have just developed.

The digital learning market is currently valued at USD$3.8Bn and growing at a CAGR of 17.89% (for period 2019-2023), reflecting the growing trend of learners transitioning from traditional classrooms to online.

By 2020, the British Council estimates that there will be 2 billion learners of English, 85% of whom will seek self-learning methods.

The Perfectly Spoken business model provides a freemium service with high quality structured online courses, similar to traditional teaching methods offered in bricks and mortar language schools, with proprietary learning content delivered by real teachers.

The Origination Team has more opportunities coming soon, as Shadow Foundr looks to provide much more choice for its investor-base in 2019.

So, do keep returning to the platform regularly to make sure you have sight of these businesses first.

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