Moltex Shares Crowdfunding Success Story at Key Nuclear Conference

Moltex was excited to share its crowdfunding success story during USNIC’s New Nuclear Capital event earlier this week (NNC2021).

In its third year, the New Nuclear Capital event focused on new nuclear project financing, including how global financial markets view investments in nuclear; how industry can make financing more attractive to investors; the most appealing and alternative sources of capital; the role of government in supporting and stimulating investment; market-specific tactics; and end-user perspectives.

During the event, Moltex Chief Financial Officer Paddy Aling made a presentation about the company’s successful crowdfunding campaign with Shadow Foundr.

In 2019, Moltex became the first-ever nuclear reactor design company to raise money through a crowdfunding campaign, securing £5M ($7M USD) in less than a month, in a campaign that was significantly over-subscribed.

“Our crowdfunding campaign demonstrated investors’ understanding of Moltex’s progression and potential,” said Aling.

“The campaign significantly enhanced the company’s profile and resulted in key introductions and other productive relationships.

“Given the long lead time to first commercial revenue in this sector, crowdfunding represents a fantastic avenue for SMR vendors to build their early-stage equity base in a way that spreads the shareholders’ risk across a large group.”

IDOM, a multi-billion-euro Spanish engineering firm, functioned as the lead investor, allowing others to rely on IDOM’s technical expertise for the due diligence, and thus minimizing the transaction costs for all parties.

The campaign also allowed qualifying investors to take advantage of the U.K.’s Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) for venture capital investments, increasing the campaign’s attractiveness, especially among high-net-worth individuals.

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