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Moltex Energy has had in excess of £500k of pledges in the first week of a private funding round, prior to being released on Shadow Foundr’s public platform.

The nuclear energy company, which took in £2.5m investment from nuclear energy consultancy IDOM, has continued its fundraising at pace, with plenty of interest and several large pledges from investors within their own network.

Moltex believes its patented technology holds the keys to making nuclear energy safe, cost-effective and viable; with their entire focus centred around driving down the costs of nuclear energy to below the cost
of generating electricity from fossil fuels – a necessity if climate change is not to become irreversible.

Moltex has support from the UK, USA and Canadian governments, and has good relationships with the governments of France and Malaysia, with a view to securing future contracts in those territories. New Brunswick Power (the utility that has signed an MOU with Moltex) is a Canadian government owned utility.

The Moltex Founders will be holding a webinar next Wednesday, May 15th to discuss their technology and plans in more detail. Click here to register your interest.

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