Moltex Energy Signs MOU with Key Industry Players

Moltex Energy, Pabineau First Nation and Belledune Port Authority (BPA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work collaboratively on mutually beneficial initiatives at the Port of Belledune and surrounding areas in Northern New Brunswick, specifically related to Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Canadian domestic use and exports.

“We are pleased to be entering into an MOU with Moltex and BPA to identify and pursue opportunities related to SMRs,” said Chief Terry Richardson, Pabineau First Nation.

“Our community is eager to benefit from the jobs and economic prosperity this new industry will bring to the province.”

Pabineau First Nation is one of seven member nations served by the North Shore Micmac District Council (NSMDC). In February 2020, Moltex signed an MOU with NSMDC to work collaboratively on the development and implementation of Moltex’s SMR technology, while identifying and enabling employment and economic opportunities for First Nation communities in New Brunswick.

“Developing partnerships with First Nation communities and other stakeholders in New Brunswick is a top priority for us,” said Rory O’Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, Moltex Energy.

“We recognize the importance of early and frequent engagement, not just to build trust, but so communities can build the necessary capacity to support and benefit from our operations.”

“The BPA looks forward to working with Moltex and Pabineau First Nation to grow the Northern and provincial economy,” said Denis Caron, President & Chief Executive Officer, Belledune Port Authority.

“We understand the needs and opportunities associated with energy development and are well-suited to support a range of import and export services.”

Access to a deep-water, all-weather port, such as the one at Belledune, will be essential for exporting components and modules if Moltex is successful in selling reactors around the world.

The MOU will remain in force and effect for one year and will continue to renew year to year unless terminated by any of the signatories.

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