miiCARE’s Technology Could Assist Elderly in Coronavirus Pandemic

A woman in her 70’s became the first person in the UK to die after testing positive for coronavirus.

Globally, evidence has shown that elderly people with coronavirus have a much higher mortality rate than younger people.

A recent study from China found there were no deaths among children aged 9 or younger who had the virus, while the mortality rate stood at 0.2% for people aged 10-39.

Worryingly, it increases to 3.6% in those aged 60-69, before rising to 8% among people aged 70-79 and 14.8% among those who are aged 80 or older.

Consequently, the UK’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, advises that pensioners self-isolate at home when the coronavirus becomes more widespread in the UK, especially since there is now a “slim to zero” chance of avoiding a global pandemic.

Professor Whitty was quoted this week in the Telegraph as saying, “One of the bits of advice that we will give is for people who are older or who have pre-existing health conditions to have some degree of isolation from more public environments.”

The NHS looks extremely likely to be put under huge strain. Half of coronavirus cases in the UK are likely to occur over just three weeks and it is impossible for the NHS to be able provide a bed for everyone who needs one, Professor Whitty warned; further raising the importance of the elderly self-isolating at home.

Furthermore, care bosses have said that without emergency measures, the projected levels of infection in the UK could force homes to close and residents to be moved to NHS facilities, causing substantial distress and increasing the burden on already stretched clinical services.

It’s clear a solution is needed, which assists the elderly to feel safer and more secure in their homes, while also feeling more connected to their family during this pandemic.

miiCARE has created a solution which can transform the way care is provided to the 13 million elderly people in the UK, particularly at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

An elderly person with a miiCUBE in their home, will also have a variety of sensors and devices to monitor a number of ‘vitals’ such as movement, temperature, hydration, medication, blood pressure etc.

The data collected from these devices is hosted in “the cloud” and can be reviewed remotely by friends, family, clinicians and care providers to provide a number of benefits, for example:

  • By reviewing blood pressure, heart rate and so on a clinician can access the elderly person without the need of a visit to the GP surgery thereby reducing the risks of contracting the disease.
  • Minimising contact with carers and family members who may be infected or are carriers.
  • Helping with early detection of certain symptoms.

If any irregularity occurs, a call will be placed to a family member, a social worker, or a 24/7 professional telecare service.

miiCARE has the innovative technology which could assist the elderly in the case of a pandemic, potentially saving many lives and improving the quality of life for many others in these troubling times.

To learn more about miiCARE and their award-winning miiCUBE, please click here.

Coronavirus fatality rate by age:

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