Metaverse Mirrors Early Internet Investment Opportunities

By Gaia Freydefont

The metaverse has massive potential to revolutionise our day-to-day lifestyles and the way we communicate, offering a range of exciting investment opportunities.

The development of a metaverse has gained momentum in recent years and, especially since the start of the pandemic, and can be expected to be extremely disruptive to our lives.

The metaverse can be thought of as a virtual world consisting of social media, online gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality and cryptocurrencies, which allow people to interact in a virtual space to play games, work and even buy and sell crypto assets like non-fungible tokens.

Facebook’s recent move to its new name Meta, pronounced a shift in focus to the metaverse and sparked interest in the idea of a metaverse among investors and technology companies.

As a result of its revolutionary potential, investors have been encouraged to seriously consider the metaverse as a massive opportunity; an investment opportunity equivalent to the early internet days, according to Simon Powell, Jefferies’ head of thematic research.

The development of the metaverse will mean that almost every activity that is currently not done virtually, will soon make the move to join the virtual space, certainly constituting a huge opportunity for investment in a wide range of technology companies.

For example, Powell recommended investors to consider investing in chipmaker companies, companies that create virtual reality headsets, software providers and of course, companies that would function within this virtual ecosystem.

Facebook’s charge into this space signals that the metaverse risks to be monopolised by Facebook/Meta, rather than built up of decentralised virtual worlds, such as Decentraland.

Investing in exciting decentralised platforms that will operate within the metaverse will ensure that the metaverse will consist of privacy, ownership and innovation.

A metaverse consisting of decentralised virtual worlds means that users will be able to create and sell their own objects via NFTs, and has been gaining a lot of attraction.

Similarly, platforms like Cudos provide the building blocks of a decentralised virtual world by supporting the use of NFTs and other virtual assets, certainly constituting a very interesting investment opportunity.

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