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Following a string of media coverage, has been growing at an accelerated rate, well ahead of the company’s initial projections.

Total loans applied for in November are projected to be £4.5M having grown from £0.6M since the company’s hard launch in July.

As continues to grow traffic, they are able to attract lenders to the Lender Panel – M&S Bank will be joining soon with AA loans, Post Office loans and Ratesetter all now joining the platform.

Proudly, the company claims now to have the UK’s most diverse lender panel in the business, which looks to serve the full gamut of customers – prime borrowers and those with impaired credit, with a wide range of products.

Examples of the company’s recent media coverage can be found below:

Scotland: The National. 10th November 2017
Scots have higher debt levels than the rest of the UK – Read Here

Talk Radio / Eammon Holmes 5th November on the “Meerkat Scandal” – Listen here

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