Mayor of London Seeks Solutions from EMSOL

EMSOL is working in collaboration with the Mayor’s Civic Innovation Challenge, London FreightLabs to collaborate with market innovators to develop new ways of tackling some of the biggest issues associated with freight and servicing in London.

Freight is the lifeblood of London’s economy, delivering vital goods and services to people and companies across the capital. This has never been truer than since lockdown where customers and businesses have become even more reliant on an efficient logistics and supply network.

Since 2010, London’s streets have seen a 20% rise in the number of goods vehicles which can contribute to poor air quality, congestion and road danger. This is why the Mayor’s Transport Strategy aims for a 10% reduction in van and lorry use during the morning peak by 2026.

As part of this initiative, EMSOL partnered with REEF Technology. REEF is the largest operator of mobility, logistics hubs, and neighbourhood kitchens in North America with a network of 4500 locations and 15,000 employees.

REEF Technology was keen to take action to reduce their impact, but they weren’t sure how. The main objective of the initial trial is to implement and test the EMSOL system at a REEF Mobility Hub.

Allowing REEF to take action to improve Air Quality by evidencing what is causing pollution on their sites.

EMSOL will also be trialling the use of noise pollution insights, allowing REEF to quantify and reduce the impact their operations have on their neighbours.

Air quality and noise breaches will be identified and attributed where possible to specific activity in real-time to enable responsible users and stakeholder to take immediate action. This will empower REEF to action to reduce their impact, through small interventions every day.

CEO of EMSOL, Freddie Talberg said, “Being on this programme and working with partners such as REEF Technology is an entrepreneurial dream.”

“What is being done as part of the Mayor of London’s Challenge is a really important part of the London ecosystem to connect innovators to major players.

“It is now our job to provide REEF with actionable insights and build a scalable offering that can make a difference”

During the pilot stage, London FreightLab offers funding, land sites and subject matter expertise for up to six innovative ideas which aim to make the way goods move around London safer, cleaner and more efficient.

EMSOL was selected to take part in London FreightLab challenge, working alongside leading industry Partners such as John Lewis and Partners, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and Reef Technology.

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