LIfT Biosciences Successfully Completes £2m SEED 2 Fundraise Round

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LIfT Biosciences has gone from strength-to-strength since completing its SEED 1 fundraising round with Shadow Foundr in the third quarter of 2017.

The company has developed its first-in-class (EMA) Immuno-Oncology Cell Therapy called N-Lift (Neutrophil Only Leukocyte Infusion Therapy). Innate allogenic cell therapies are increasingly being recognised as the big hope for an affordable cure for solid tumours, especially cold tumours.

LIfT Biosciences has now successfully completed a £2m SEED 2 round, to fund remaining essential work now, rather than after the company conducts its mouse trials later in the year. After those trials, management expects it to be much easier to raise larger amounts of capital.

Shadow Foundr investors had the opportunity to exercise their pre-emption rights, and the rest of the £2m funding came from one institutional and two private investors.

We are extremely excited to observe LIfT’s progress and hope to witness much-anticipated breakthroughs.

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