LIfT BioSciences Latest Therapy Destroys 5 Tumour Types

LIfT Biosciences, a pre-clinical stage biotech company, found a very promising therapy that could destroy five different types of tumours with Patient-Derived Xenografts (PDX) tumouroid models, called the N-LIfT cell therapy.

LIfT BioSciences has announced that its revolutionary cell therapy has destroyed on average more than 90% of the tumoroid in a PDX tumouroid research on the five most challenging tumour types to treat.

This new cell therapy has been trialled in a PDX tumouroids model which is derived from the PDX mouse model.

PDX mouse models have been used for cancer research where tumour tissue or cell were taken from a patient and implemented into a mouse for research purposes – allowing human tumour biology to be simulated to create the most adequate research model for evaluating the efficacity of cancer treatments.

However, PDX tumouroid offers a more precise predictive result than the mouse model.

Indeed, 81-87% is the predictive power of the efficacity of therapy that has been noticed in experimental trials, this is more than ten times what has been witnessed in mouse model experiments.

“Mouse models are of limited value in faithfully assessing the efficacy of modern world of human allogeneic innate cell therapies, and that new organoid and organ-on-a-chip models are the future” stated LIfT BioSciences.

“The data adds further credence to our stated mission to develop a cell therapy platform that has the potential to destroy all solid tumours irrespective of type or how it adapts.”

“We continue to be bold and do things differently, and to therefore get excitingly different results”.

“We hope to go on to save many patients lives” stated Alex Byth, Chief Executive Officer of LIfT BioSciences.

As mentioned by Alex Byth, N-LIfT cell therapy has a huge level of success on tumour types that previously were unresponsive to chemotherapy.

For instance, N-LIfT results showed in Marsh 2022 the effectiveness of its tumour cell killing in a lung tumoroid model, which surpassed other treatments like Keytruda and Cisplatin.

Other tumour types include bladder cancer, rectal cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, and squamous cell non-small cell lung cancer.

The N-LIfT cell therapy aims to connect the innate properties of a specific type of Immuno-Modulating Alpha Neutrophil (IMAN) that has immense cytotoxicity (toxic to living cells) as well as having the ability to positively immunomodulate (change in the patient’s immune system) the tumour ‘s environment to help destroy the tumour.

LIfT BioSciences is the first biotech company in the world with a Neutrophil Based Cell Therapy Platform, allowing it to produce different types of IMAN for different purposes.

Following their much-expected Series A round, LIfT is completing its pre-clinical package to move into clinical trials at the end of next year and opens its neutrophil cell therapy platform to other companies to make bigger advancements in other therapies areas.

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