LIfT BioSciences Breakthrough Causes Global Media Storm

In late November and early December, LIfT BioSciences received widespread international media coverage after announcing some very exciting news. The company was featured on dozens of media channels throughout the world, including the BBC, ITV, Independent Online,, and the Daily Express.

All these media outlets jumped on the announcement that the team from socially-minded LIfT Biosciences had made an exciting breakthrough, discovering that cancer cells from a well-known human cancer cell-line (HeLa cells), could be killed by human neutrophils (a type of innate immune cell) that have been produced in a laboratory (rather than in the body).

So, what does this mean?

The breakthrough means that LIfT BioSciences can now work towards their goal, which is to cure pancreatic cancer by 2021 and potentially begin human trials next year.

With everyone on the planet interested in a cure for cancer, it’s no wonder the media were so excited about this news. Here’s what a handful of them had to say:

“A new immune therapy developed from “miraculous” cases of cancer recovery could be tested on human patients next year. The treatment uses cancer-killing immune cells taken from donor blood, which are multiplied in the lab.”ITV News

“Following experiments with mice, a British company is now preparing for early trials of the neutrophil treatment on a small number of patients.”Independent Online

“The team at King’s College London say they are excited by early results of lab tests. It could signal not only better treatment for cancer but also one day a possible cure. Cancer research bodies in the UK described the breakthrough last night as “very promising”.”Express

“British scientists have found a way to screen potent cancer-killing immune cells from donor blood and multiply them by the million.”

LIfT’s team of experts has decades of experience in clinical development and running trials, and their advisory board contains some of the leading experts in the field. Their patent-pending platform has been proven in the laboratory with mice and in multiple in vitro tests by different investigators.

And now they are hoping to make their model central to the fight against cancer in the coming years. The team believes they are onto something quite special, however they require funds to move things forward. They have won several grants, but they are now looking for private investors to allow them to continue their pioneering, and potentially life-saving work.

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