LIfT BioSciences Making Great Strides Forward

LIfT BioSciences is delighted to be able to share with investors news of the great strides forward it has made in its research and development, company structure and partnerships in the last six months off the back of the SEED funding round.

During this time, LIfT BioSciences has developed a high throughput assay system for rapidly testing the cancer killing ability of donors against multiple cancer types simultaneously that will be used for selecting suitable donors and patients for clinical trials.

The company’s first patent has been published and the second has been filed with initial Intellectual Property Office feedback not contesting prior to its new class of stem cells. The company now has six examples of exceptional cancer killing donors that validate its N-LIfT model.

LIfT BioSciences is also pleased to report that it is now able to produce haemopoietic stem cell derived neutrophils on a sufficient scale to run a POC trial, and further work should drastically lift this yield from 20-50K into a million-fold increase.

In terms of recognition, Lift BioSciences was delighted to win the 2018 Best Rising Biotech of the Year at BioVaria, as voted for by leading EU BioPharma, VCs and Industry Experts.

LIfT BioSciences is now partnered with the UK Government’s Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult, Oxford University, Kings College and a number of leading industry players. The company’s close relationships with major BioPharma companies continue to grow for future license deals, although, its aim is to go for an IPO over a trade-sale.

The funding round for this opportunity has closed. To look at our current list of opportunities click here.

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